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Butter Knife Security Works

January 3, 2011 by Debbie

I got up around 5 to find we’d made it through the night intruder free, butter knife latch in place. As the title indicates, we’ve been here for a week now. It  seems longer than I week ago when I think of getting the call while sitting in the out of commission Jeep, but the days never drag (calamities may contribute to the perceived speed of the passage of time).

This morning I began reading The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller in preparation for doing a book study with my daughter and was immediately challenged and encouraged. After a time of study and cinnamon rolls, Henry and I headed out on our morning jaunt.

Often when I’m especially discouraged or hurting, God reveals Himself in the most obvious ways to tenderly remind me that my heart matters to Him and that He is always present. Today wasn’t one of those days.

I headed out with Henry feeling happy and grateful. I chose the road less traveled (actually the side of the road less traveled by me since there’s less gravel on that side and I’m often rock-hounding while I walk). Sue, from Gold Beach, called last night and I was thinking about her and agates and the ocean as a giant white crane swooped overhead.

By the time I could unsheathe my camera, the crane was gone but at my feet, there were little white sea shells – in the middle of a dirt road on a ranch in southern Texas!

OK, I think they were actually snail shells that fell off the gravel truck. But I smiled at the Lord and thanked Him for such a sweet surprise on a day when I didn’t think I needed Him to do anything extra ordinary.

Funny part is that I felt apologetic at first and found myself saying, ‘I’m OK today, You really didn’t have to go to all that trouble’.That thought stopped me and made me question my theology and my philosophy. What is grace but a continual out pouring special treatment, unmerited and often unnoticed but never unavailable.

3 thoughts on “Butter Knife Security Works

  1. i have wanted to read prodigal god. the author’s name keeps showing up, referenced by folks who seem to understand grace. and you are one of those folks. love, gg

    • Jennielee chose the book. I think you’d really appreciate it, Gaye. Keller addresses “low church” & “high church” with blunt truthfulness. Random sample quote pairing the elder brother with the Pharisees and moral conformist of today: “In this view, we only attain happiness and a world made right by acheiving moral rectitude. We may fall at times,of course, but then we will be judged by how abject and intense our regret is. In this view, even in our failures we must always measure up.”

      • WRITTEN BY DEBBIE. Actually, I wrote the other comment, Gaye. Since the site is registered in Heidi’s name, I made the mistake of responding as an administrator. Anyway, thank you for your comment and your compliment altho’ as the post indicates, I have a long way to go in truly grasping the magnitude of God’s grace and love. “The intolerable compliment” as C.S. Lewis decribes it.

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