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Making Our Own Signs

January 4, 2011

Today started yesterday around 8:00 pm when we were told we’d have traffic in and out of our gate all night. We’ve been blissfully spared of all but a few 3 am arrivals this last week.

Since I’m much more of a night person than Heidi, I made elaborate preparations for speedy middle of the night trips. I went through my closet until I found the right combination of clothes that would be comfortable enough to sleep in without looking like I was going outside in my pajamas; found a pair of step-into sandals of Heidi’s that could expand a size; got a clip on-light for the clip board; Heidi rigged our door hole with a bungee cord so it would stay shut but allow me a quick exit; I moved the bell to the front of the RV and settled in the chair to wait.

If you drill it, they will come. And they did come. They came at 11 pm and 2am and 5am. They came singly and in caravans. You know how Google mapping and GPS systems often take you over the most precarious roads or to the middle of nowhere? The speed limit on our semi-precarious (pun intended) road is 35 and it certainly is in the middle of nowhere (no offense to the unincorporated residents of Tilden), but even meeting that auspicious GPS criteria, we were the wrong middle of nowhere for every single truck.

We’re the second of around a half dozen gates. Most of the activity right now is further on down the road. Heidi made a  large sign out of our vacuum cleaner box to put out on the fence post that says something to the effect that Yes, this is a Gate, and No, most likely it isn’t the one you’re looking for! 😉

We are so in the middle of nowhere that Direct TV which was supposed to be installed Thursday, was sending their technician down the first dirt road after the high school in Gold Beach. For you in GB, you know that could be pretty dicey if it’s high tide! TV install is rescheduled for Saturday. We’ll see.

The signal booster for the internet hasn’t been shipped from Dallas yet and the air card is lost in the air between here and there, somewhere. I did venture out to Three Rivers (22 miles) to do laundry today and found our nearest neighbor to the North is the Federal Prison. The good news is that Joe’s Market in Tilden sells 2 of just about everything: 2 bottles of mustard, 2 jars of Mayo, 2 kinds of cold cuts,  2 boxes of Uncle Ben’s, 2 mouse traps, 2 Glade air fresheners, 2 rolls of paper towels and most importantly, 2 brooms (we only needed one, but we did need one)!

AND, the dump came back! Good news, indeed!


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