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Forget the Faucet

January 10, 2011  by Debbie

This is our 14th day of gate guarding. I’m almost ready to begin my 5th book. I’m a very slow reader so that gives you an idea of the demands of the job. Every once and a while one of us will look over the tops of our book and say, “Can you believe we’re getting paid to do this?”

It doesn’t sound like we’re moving today since Larry brought us more non-drinkable water and diesel fuel for the generator at the bidding of the boss we’ve never met. It’s funny that there’s so much undrinkable water anymore.

When I was little, I drank water from the garden hose and the sprinkler, the cat’s dish, the creek, the downspout and the cup at the pump at our neighbors well. Now you can’t even drink the water from the tap.

One thing Heidi did do with water today was try to re-hydrate a snake for me. It was the first one we’ve seen and I wanted to take a picture but it had been dead a few days so she carried it back and put it in a dishpan of non-drinkable water and he puffed up a little, not much, but it was a generous effort on her part!


2 thoughts on “Forget the Faucet

    • Miss K – It was a little too dry to cook and too flat for a picture. She was just plumping it for a photo shoot. Ron has promised to cook a rattlesnake for me next time he catches one… Hmm…

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