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1 Shotgun, 1 Window and Heidi

January 12, 2011  by Debbie

From what we hear from the guys passing in and out of our gate, the whole nation is shivering. Heidi disconnected the hose to our water tank, as instructed, last night but our holding tank froze up a little anyway. We turn on the water pump and try to run some hot water every hour or so. It’s cold here!

Cold is a relative condition defined, in part, by one‘s expectations. It’s about 36 degrees, may even make it to the low 40s, then back to 30 tonight. Back home in Iowa, that would seem like a pleasant January day. In Texas, in a not well insulated RV, it seems pretty chilly. It’s so cold, even the buzzards that are continuously circling (that can be a little disconcerting at times) have taken to huddling in the trees, waiting for their prey to freeze to death, I assume.

After talking today with 7 representatives of Direct TV, it was finally determined that I need to go to Camping World in a town north of San Antonio and buy my own dish. Maybe Sunday? It’s not technology but the attempt to acquire any technology that’s disturbing our peace.

That and weapons. I drove 5 miles back in to Bob and Mary’s this afternoon to look at the dish they bought at CW this week. It looks do-able and comes in a little suitcase, no tri-pod etc…

We talked about our friend who’s gate guarding and recently had the company search their RV for weapons, alcohol and excessive cash. No worries on any of those points should they search us, but I do find that to be pretty invasive. The word is that they suspected a gate guard (not our friends) was moving some drugs.

As often happens, our conversation shifted to safety, a daily topic out here. If you live in certain parts of the country, you talk a lot about weather. If you live 60 miles north of the border in Texas on wide open ranches, you talk a lot about safety. Bob and Mary, who are the sweetest couple, also felt strongly that we should have a gun, which we can’t buy in Texas since we aren’t Texas residents and we can’t have shipped to Texas since we aren’t Texas residents.

They decided the solution would be to loan us their 12 gauge shotgun, since they also have a rifle and someone shot a 5 foot rattlesnake in out in front of their place a few months ago. While I thought this might be a good idea, I didn’t think it would be a good idea for me to be the one handling the gun or getting the instructions, since I’m both clumsy and kind of disaster prone of late. So an hour or so later, Heidi went back to check it out. She grew up hunting and is certainly much more comfortable with guns than I am.

Heidi was wondering about the legality of having a weapon we don’t have a license for etc… She decided to go take a look and then go with her gut. It’s over 8 miles round trip on a wash board road to Bob and Mary’s, so it takes about 15 minutes to get to their gate and back. 18 minutes after she left, Heidi came barreling in the drive, spaying rocks and laying on the horn, presumably for me to rush out and open the gate, which I did.

She jumped out of the Jeep wide-eyed and went straight into the RV. I was thinking that maybe she was hiding the shotgun under the seat and that Border Patrol was coming?

In actuality, she was hyper-ventilating. 😉 In the process of showing Heidi how to use the gun and thinking it wasn’t loaded, Bob released the safety and pulled the trigger, standing in the living room of their RV. Mary had gone to Pleasanton, which I’m sure was a good thing since the shot shattered the window and passed through out into the wide-open, leaving a perfect hole.

Bob stated is his usual, laid back fashion that “I’ve been needing a new window anyway”. Neither the discharge of the gun or Heidi’s scream rattled him a bit. Heidi’s gut told her that this was a sign we maybe should just lock the doors, watch carefully for rattlesnakes, teach Henry not to bark at Javalinas.


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