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‘Jeep’ers: Alone in Texas

January 7, 2011  by Debbie

After a slow day yesterday, the gate has been streaming with traffic today. It sounds like we’re about to be shut down, or possibly not. There never seems to be anyone to ask or anyone who knows anything but their specific job, so we’re not sure if we’ll be here another day or another month.

I took my turn at driving into Pleasanton today to pick up the booster for our WiFi. On the chance it might not work, I got directions to the library (which I never found) to use their internet to pay bills etc…

After circling town a few times, I gave up and landed at McDonalds where they have great, free internet (something I learned in Oregon) and decent lattes. I paid bills over a $1 hamburger, made a quick FB post and headed home.

I arrived with, what I’d hoped to be the solution to our techie troubles only to have Heidi open the package and find out the booster is for just DC (plugging into the Jeep wasn’t what we’d hoped for).

Speaking of Jeeps. I really like our ’97 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 202,000 miles on it. Its bumps through all the mud and ruts and cattle crossing with ease. But you don’t see Jeeps in Texas. At least you don’t see Jeeps in the wilds of Texas, I haven’t been to a city yet.

Now in Oregon, everyone from mayors to motel managers drive Jeeps (or other cool 4wheel drive things). In Texas EVERYONE drive a Pick-up. I mean, everyone: women and men and young and old, the cool and the un-cool, the well to do and the just making do, all drive pickup trucks. Taking a tour of Tilden I think you could safely say the most people drive something more expensive than what they live in.

I’m wondering if most states have a favored car, like a favored son? I don’t know about most states, but you can sure tell someone is NOT from Texas if they arrive in Tilden in a Jeep. And if they arrive in mini-van, then they are probably really, really lost.


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