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Helicoptors VS Cowboys

January 8, 2011  by Debbie

Typical day on the ranch, beginning with our regular salt water guys and an oil truck or 2 and Robbie, the gauger. Just as Robbie finished filling me in on the dangers of havalinas (he said they attack barking dogs), illegals (if they’re drug runners, they’ll attack anything) and the rattlesnakes (you start seeing them more in March, about 1 per mile), 10 Perterbuilts pulled up to the gate. This caused a significant traffic jam as they trailed a half a mile back down the road. They sat patiently for over an hour, trying to find out if they were at the right gate.

As usual, I had no idea. It’s like being held hostage (movie style) where you just keep repeating your tag number. In the meantime, Heidi had driven into Tilden to meet the Direct TV installation guy. 90 minutes later, they squeezed their way past the caravan, both shaking their heads as they pulled in. The company had sent the wrong kind of satellite for a rolling home. The young man, who kept apologizing for his English (lack of) was frustrated after missing Tilden and driving all the way to Mexico and back to find us.

It appears, of course we’re not sure, that things are winding down at this gate. They took the lights and the Port-a-Johns out last night and the suction floats today, so we’re thinking we may be moved soon. Robbie’s description of leaving a gate sounds more like a Tsunami evacuation. They say you’re shut down and you need to be ready to roll. It’s a small dilemma, to pack or not to pack. We may be here another day or another month.

Regardless, the TV’s on hold. Heidi doesn’t like it anyway and I’m getting a lot more reading done. J  Back to the Peterbuilts: turns out they were at the right gate, twice! Richard, the one of the head ranchers drove up in a dune buggy and let them in to dump 40 tons of rock around the lake for the birds.
Really? “Mr. Stuart has a lot of money.” When there nothing else to say, just state the obvious. Although I saw them dump the rocks, I couldn’t find hardly any later. I think they must have dumped most of the 40 tons in the lake for the underwater birds.

The cattle have strayed to our gate again, which is a problem for the ranchers. So today is round up day as the stragglers will be herded back to their appropriate location. Finally something that sounds like a Western! But no, they won’t be using cowboys. Cowboys run $75 a day and it’s another $100 a day for the horse (I thought they came in sets). It would take quite a few cowboys and horses to accomplish the task. A helicopter, on the other hand, is only $200 an hour and can get the job done in less than 2 hours! So we’re having a round-up, helicopter style.

Heidi is in (you guessed it) Pleasanton at Radio Shack buying an AC adapter for the DC adapter I picked up yesterday. No idea if it will get us on line or not or if we’ll even need it next week if we are relocated. Speaking of next week, I was able to get a little more insight into our future from Raul, but unfortunately, I don’t know what it was.

Going to school in Indiana in the 70’s, I saw as little value in my 2 years of high school and 2 years of college Spanish as I did in the Chemistry and Calculus classes I took because the guidance counselor insisted. While the latter 2 still lack application for me, I wish I‘d applied myself in Spanish class. Everything I remember about Spanish now, I learned from Doris Day but at least it’s appropriate: Que sera sera…

4 thoughts on “Helicoptors VS Cowboys

  1. Sorry, I’m a week late getting back with you. my email mickhold@centurylink.net. found your reply tonight.

    We started working for CodyColeUSA in November 2005, owner Buster Scates, out of Tyler, Texas. We worked a 24/7 job in Holbrook, La. after Hurricane Katrina/Rita, our first job. We said we would never do a 24/7 job again. so for the next 6 years we’ve done 3/4 mos jobs as 12 hr security guards-sitting on construction sites for WalMart, apartments, hospitals, colleges, etc. After we built our home we only wanted to work 3/4 mos a year. When Cole Scates started SiteWatchUSA, his father Buster called and asked if we would take a gate in south Texas. When he said the pay would be double for 24/7, we took the job. They are a good company to work for, CodyColeUSA statred 30 years ago when Buster started doing gate guarding for Cell/Satellite towers.

    The office is in east Texas,Tyler, Texas, SiteWatchUSA@aol.com, -800-561-7202. At the present time Cole has about 10/12 gates 6 in Pearasall area. A serviceman comes once a month to service the generator or if you need any help in between they are quick getting it to you. There are 4 Sitewatch gates close in area and we, ladies would meet once a week at intersection Hwy 97/FM1582 and go in one car into to Pleasanton to shop, eat and do laundry, make a day of it. If our husband were good we stopped and brought them a brown bag supper. It sure helped to have some “girlie talk”. Some of us met on Sunday and mornings and went back to attend the Cowboy Church in Pleasanton. and ofcourse had to eat lunch afterwards.

    We were there for 7 months, we plan on going back May 1st to same gate for 3/4 mos. Grandaughter getting married in September and want to be home for that event. The couple that are at the gate now have friends coming in from England May 1st and they will come back after we leave again. We are trying to find a couple who would like to work 3/4 mos, then we come in and work 3/4 mos and keep trading out. We are told the gate will be open for 8/10 years.
    Cole has the other 3 gate guards working 7/8 mos. taking off 4 mos and returing (their choice) and he doesn’t have a problem with that arrangement.

    This past Christmas one of the ladies from the other gate came and sat at our gate one Saturday so Woody and I could go into Pleasanton and meet our 15 member family for lunch and exchange gifts. A resturant had party rooms and we had lunch and party at the Stagestop Resturant. The older kids (we have 4 married children and two married grandkids) stayed at motel and the younger grandkids 14 and 10 came and spent the night with us, and on Sunday we had lunch at our gate. before the family went home.

    My life story,

  2. I believe I read that you started/took over the Fork in Dec. 2010. I’m trying to go back to when u started. What is the date? Enjoy your column/blog. when we work I also work the night shift 10pm – to 7am. I know I will enjoy your blog. I couldn’t get online until after 12am. I had a Wilson booster – but not sure if I needed a larger antena. We were on Hwy 97- 6 miles North of Fowlerton and 45 miles South of Pleasanton, where I did all my shopping/laundry etc.

    Good news AT&T said they were building a new tower off Hwy 97 and it would be up and running in August 2012 – the old tower was built to handle- just cell phones NOT MEDIA.

    It is 4am and I need to go to bed but can’t get back on schedule of sleeping regular times. Hope I can stay awake during church this am

    We work for Sitewatch, this was our first time to do gate guard for oil company, but worked as Night security guards – 12 hr shifts for construction sites, WalMarts, hospitals and apartments since 2005 for CodyCole-which is now SiteWatch..

    We live in Killeen, Texas (Fort Hood) 90 miles NW of Austin. We fulltimed for 4 years, Built a home in 2008 and worked on short assignments since – until we went to south Texas in July ’11 – Feb. ’12, will go back in May for a few more mos. Promised our kids we would be home for Christmas this year.

    • Mickey,
      Hello again! I had to look it up. Although I started writing in Tilden, we didn’t have any internet there – even with the Wilson booster. That’s great news about the tower, by the way! Sounds like we were in the same neighborhood!
      Heidi wrote the first gate guarding post: https://theforkintheroad.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/day-1-gate-guarding-venture/
      You’ll find the my writing has changed quite a bit since the beginning. I started out trying to describe the every day events. EVERYTHING was so new to me – Texas, especially. 😀
      How nice that you’ll be able to spend Christmas with your family!
      I’m interested in your experience with Sitewatch. You’re the first folks I’ve heard from that work for them.
      Best wishes,

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