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600 Miles…Situation Hopeless?

January 9, 2011  by Debbie

It stormed last night so tomorrow will be another hammer-to-the-shoes day (the mud isn’t quite dry enough this afternoon). I think we are now officially guarding nothing. It’s 4:00pm and only 5 people have passed through the gate today and that includes Heidi and me and a ranch hand.

Yesterday’s 2 hour tech session drew to a close with the conclusion that our new air card is corrupted. So, this morning I went back to Pleasanton. We think we’ve now driven 600 miles back and forth just trying to get connected. We probably should have just enjoyed the peace while we had it.

What was that movie where everything in a little town (Pleasantville?) was black and white until these two teenagers (I think one was Toby McGuire, maybe not?) went back in time and things started turning colors, a little at a time? Today was just the opposite.

After last nights’ rain, the trees and cactus no longer looked like they were covered with frost (dust) and I could see all the way up the road from cattle crossing to cattle crossing. It was so clear, I didn’t have to pull over once to wait for the dust to settle.

By the time I returned with yet another air card three hours later, conditions had returned to normal and all the color was dusted away again. Heidi had a lively 3 hour chat with a Canadian tech support fellow who complimented her on being the most polite person he’s tried to help in 8 years on the job. However, he declared our situation hopeless until we move to a less remote locale. I’m reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so I think it’s time to power down and turn a few pages of real paper.

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