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Got Signal?

January 15, 2011  by Debbie

I generally get up early, 5ish, and get dressed in the dark to be ready to open the gate. I don’t usually shower until things slow down around 10:00. This personal information is divulged only as an explanation of why it was 10:30 before I realized that today was definitely laundry day.

Laundry day is always also grocery day, garbage day and internet day. I initially planned the shorter Three Rivers route but the library was closed on Saturday for Martin Luther King Day which isn’t until Monday, at which time the library will be closed also. Taking a look at the passengers’ seat of the Jeep, full of gallons jugs of water and the back seat full of everything we don’t have room form inside, I decided against holding my laptop and sitting in the library parking lot.

So I left Heidi to gate guarding and cooking and I white-knuckled it out our dirt turned to mud road back to hwy 16 and on to Pleasanton.

I briefly considered another trip to the portable dump but decided maybe not. Anyway, I think it goes away on the weekends.

I had to pass up the Longhorn Museum once again which was enjoying a full parking lot of 5 trucks.

I found the gas station/carwash/laundry mat on the far edge of Pleasanton. And, as an extra bonus, there was a unlocked dumpster! Hurrah!

It’s a funny laundry mat, connected to a bustling convenience store, equipped with dry cleaning services and picnic  tables. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a laundry mat with inside picnic tables before. I think they were there to encourage the purchase of nachos and bean burritos and rolling hotdogs from the convenience store which you had to go into to find the restrooms.

It seemed to be working as all the tables were full of people drinking soda (I’ve adapted to coastal/southern and about everywhere but IN and IA colloquialisms) and eating paper wrapped dripping items. By the time I used
$3.75 in the machines, a table cleared and I plopped down with my laptop and was happily able to hop on line with my air card for just about the exact amount of time it took to do wash before I lost the signal. At that point there was no choice but to end another afternoon with a $1 sandwich and free internet at McDonalds!

The staff is getting to know me there not just because of my frequent visits, but because I always sit at the same table, right in front of them and plug into a dead outlet. I didn’t realize the outlet was dead until I stayed longer than usual and couldn’t figure out why it was taking the pictures so long to upload. I finally looked at the bottom corner of my screen to find the battery life was ebbing away at 42%.

And here I thought the employees that were always smiling at me were just extra friendly.

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