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Discover Your Ideal Location, RV’ers

January 20, 2011  by Debbie

Today Heidi thought it would be a good idea to start through What Color is Your Parachute with me. The general purpose seems to be to determine your  strengths to help you professionally and narrow down your geographical preferences. At least that’s as far as we got today.

It struck me as a pretty funny thing to do when we’re in the middle of my very least desirable geography and doing a job that takes zero skills. Anyway, Heidi went through the study a few years ago and really loved it and we live in a small space so it seemed like a good idea to go along.

No real surprises in the professional realm. I have a pretty narrow list area of interests and strengths. The surprise was in the criteria for location. Removing family and friends from the equation, you’re suppose to list 5 or 6 priorities in relation to your  ‘ideal’  location. Some things made the list that I knew would be there, things like living near water, preferably the ocean, a moderate climate etc…

What I never would have thought of a month ago was number one item on the list for both Heidi and I: safety! Funny how I’ve always taken that for granted. I guess it’s a blessing that I’ve always lived in places I felt safe until now. And access to technology, which I’ve always taken for granted.

It’s a funny place we live in. Today the rancher wanted the gate left open while he drove around dropping corn out of the back of his pickup from a hopper, hoping to entice the big “access” buck with large white spots to come onto the ranch (presumably to shoot, maybe to use in the Rent-a- Buck program. Didn’t happen.


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