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Closing the Gate at Tilden

January 21, 2011  by Debbie


This will be my last Gate Guard post for a while for 2 reasons. The first is I don’t think anyone is interested in the odd life of a gate guard in the oil fields of Texas.

The second is I’m unemployed. Larry (our Field Supervisor) called at 3:20 this afternoon and said he’d just gotten the call to shut our gate down. By 4:20 we were packed and bumping down the road toward Tilden.

We knew that this was a short posting: 3-6 weeks. It ended up being 25 days. The really, really sad part was that a nice Direct TV installation man was 30 minutes away when we had to leave so I had to cancel. When they shut you down, you have 1-2 hours max to get out.

Larry arranged for us to stay in Tilden for a few nights in a lot about a block from his place where we have electric hook-up for $12.50 a night.

He hopes to have another placement for us next week. Until then, I guess we’ll just enjoy the neighborhood.

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