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What I Want In Life Part 2: The 4 B’s

This is the second part of the post, 12 Things You Want In Life

The first person to try it wrote me and thanked me for giving her a much-needed opportunity to focus on herself for a few minutes. Maybe you need a reason to do that as well.

Here are my results:


What I want In Life

  1. The chance to research
  2. Time for prayer
  3. To see green growing things
  4. To experience joy with peace
  5. To talk to friends
  6. To listen to God
  7. To sit in a window seat
  8. To hear the sounds of birds
  9. The freedom to read
  10. The inspiration to write
  11. Take occasional trips
  12. To frequently have change
  13. To feel serenity
  14. To eat the 4 B’s (bread, butter, brown sugar and beans)

How did others answer?

Interestingly, I heard from both my 7th grade boyfriend who wanted to experience firing a 1928 Thompson sub-machine gun and my high school boyfriend who wanted to fly his plane every week. The one colleague who responded said she would like to experience one day of being pain-free. I added her to my prayer list. A friend from junior high said she would like to spend time with a family member without having to be nervous about it. Someone from my family wants to frequently eat really good food (she’s a gourmet cook) and have enough time to exercise the calories off her thighs. Another friend wrote she would like to listen to many people tell their stories.

It seems the value of the exercise is taking the opportunity to look at what direction you would like your life to take.  Socrates is the one who said, “A life unexamined is not worth living.”

Go ahead, try doing the exercise. You might even be surprised at the answers that first pop into your head. One person took the quiz twice. Once for reactions and once for thought-out answers.

I developed the exercise because a close friend challenged me to list what I wanted in life. I then typed a list as quickly as possible. Maybe you would like to do that instead of the fill in the blank approach. I’m just hoping to encourage those who are able, to look at their life before it’s over!

When you’re on your deathbed, if you have a chance to reflect and don’t die instantly, what are you going to say to those who still seem to have plenty of time left on this earth? “I wish I had spent more time …What? And will it be anything that you did today or yesterday?

Have you tried the exercise yet? I’d love to hear from you. My email is listed in the Contact page. Let me know.

One thought on “What I Want In Life Part 2: The 4 B’s

  1. Here’s a start on my list:
    1. the chance travel with friends
    2.time for reading and figuring out how to totally utilize all that N Iphone has to offer when I get one.
    3.to see my grandkids more
    4.to experience peace and serenity more than less
    5.to talk to Grandma B and make her tell all the things she kept secret.
    6.to listen to the birds
    7.to sit and watch the sunset after a lone motorcycle ride
    8.to hear God a lot
    9. the freedom to be free within and let how God made me burst wide open
    10.the inspiration to make opportunities
    11.take occasional chances
    12.to frequently pray
    13.feel the soft breeze (the breath of God)

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