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Top 10 Happiest Cities:What Gallop Missed

The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness.                    You have to catch it yourself.   ~Benjamin Franklin

Most full-time RVers are likely looking for happy places to live outside of the city. Many still work, either FSO, as docents, in private or State Parks, selling tickets at a theme park or guarding a gate on an oil rig in Texas. What we all have in common, RVers and regular brick and mortar people is the seeking of a happy place to live our days.

That’s why this new living happy poll caught my eye. I wondered if they’d found the secret to happy city life?

A recent Gallop poll listed the 10 Happiest Cities in the US. If you want to see the complete poll, including the 10 Saddist Cities, you’ll find it at this link: Gallop.

According to The Business Insider, there were two primary factors contributing to a  residents sense of well-being and satisfaction.The reasons were a low unemployment rate and having a college in town. That makes people happy to live there. At the time of the poll, the national unemployment rate averaged around 8%. Two of the top 10 cities exceeded that. And how many cities don’t have a college in town? Even towns have colleges in town.

Gallop had to be missing something.I decided to do some research of my own. Since half of the top 10 cities get real cold in the winter and none were in California or Florida, I ruled out both lovely weather and Disneyland as happiness reasons.

I suspected that the key to the mystery had to have something to do with the number 1 happy city: Lincoln Nebraska. Lincolnians rated a 96.7 on the happiness scale. I lived in Iowa for 30 years, I know Nebraska. I dug deeper.

I read about the history of each city, their events, their weather, their median income. Finally I found the answer, and no wonder Lincoln is first! The 10 Happiest Cities are listing in descending order. I’ve including their secret to happiness.

1. Lincoln Nebraska – Home to the National Museum of Roller Skating

2. Holland Michigan –Home Roller Rink Spring Break Special – Skate $15 for the entire day

3. Boulder Colorado – 4th most popular attraction in Boulder: Ice Rink at Boulder One

4. Provo Utah – The Peaks Ice Arena, 2002 Olympic venue with two world class Olympic size ice rinks

5. Austin Texas-Playland Skate Center offers the finest in skating entertainment with an impressive light show, fog machine and state of the art sound system playing a wide variety of music.

6. Madison Wisconsin –The Dairyland Dolls bring beauty and brawn and a whole lotta hits against the best flat-track derby teams in the nation. Up early every day, milking the cows, feeding the chickens, and skating on the track they laid down in the old, red barn out back, these Midwest farmer’s daughters know when to work, and how to play.

7. Raleigh North Carolina – The Carolina Rollergirls brings back the explosive excitement of flat-track roller derby in their 2011 season with a special event, the ‘Got to be NC’ Derby Expo

8. Little Rock Arkansas – Home of the Little Rock Derby Girls: Women’s  full contact flat track roller derby

9. Conway Arizona – Conway Roller Rink: April 1st Special Pig Out Skate- How Much Can Your Stomach Ache

10. Bellingham Washington – Sports Plex Ice Skating Rink: The Coolest Place in Town, Offering Competitive Broomball

Clearly what all these cities have in common is their passion for skating! Now we know.

The late great Jim Croce knew about the joys of skating. He wrote his classic Roller Derby Queen about it:

You know that I fell in love with a Roller Derby Queen
Round and round, oh round and round
The meanest hunk o’ woman
That anybody ever seen
Down in the arena

Round and round, go round and round
Round and round, go round and round
Round and round


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Happiest Cities:What Gallop Missed

  1. enjoy your websit greatly. We are gate guarding in North
    Texas and really enjoy. There is always something happening. These young men really work hard, earn every penny they can get.

    • That’s so true, Tom! One of our guys, Big John stepped through a hole in the grating and had to have 57 stitches in his leg. He was back with a Dr’s release 12 days later. He showed me his leg – still looks nasty. I don’t think there are many men who could do what they do. Glad you enjoy Fork. Most nights (I’m sure this is obvious) I sit down with absolutely no idea of what to write about. I’m always open to suggestions!

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