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Questions to Consider Before Gate Guarding


Since many who visit this site are considering gate guarding, here are a few things to ponder:

1.  Can you stay awake all night? This may be necessary on busy gates.

2.  Can you move in and out of your RV fairly quickly? You know you’re too slow if they beep their horn.

3.  Are you OK living in tight quarters? Even a 40 footer can shrink when you don’t leave except to pick up the mail.

Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter: no counter space

4.  Can you take the combination of heat, dust and critters? It’s the heat and the humidity and a wide variety of wildlife.

5.  Are you content with a quiet life, apart from the noise of the rig and the noise of the your generator? You’ll need to provide your own entertainment: reading, time spent on the computer, writing, TV, cards etc…

Is take-out okay?

6.  Do mind not eating out at nice restaurants together?

7.  Can you do the shopping, errands etc… alone? We’ve worked with gate guards have to pay someone to watch their gate so they can go do their laundry together.

8.  Is your idea of ‘night-life’ watching the coons and javalinas?

9.  If you aren’t already a full-timer, will all your gear fit into your rig?

How many more car loads will fit in this rig?










10.  Is technology a non-essential? This difficulty can usually be solved by buying a booster, but not always.

11.  Is a mild degree of physical danger acceptable? This varies by season and location.

12.  Do you enjoy challenging conversations? Remember, you have the accent!

Sorry, wrong gate!

13.  Are you willing to switch phone companies?

14.  Can you say ‘no’ to lost drivers and curious neighbors?

15.  Are you willing to be both friend and enforcer?

16. Can you keep smiling? No matter how hot or tired you are: your crew is hotter and tired-er!

17. Do you appreciate the joy in each day, regardless of your setting?

There are many ways to make money while full-timing it. Gate Guarding is just one option. We really enjoy the job. These questions address the areas I’ve heard the most complaints about from gate guards who don’t like it quite so much. Talk to gate guards about the pros and cons. You’ll find everyone’s perspective is different and everyone has stories to tell!

14 thoughts on “Questions to Consider Before Gate Guarding

  1. Now I’m a born, bred Texan. Lived In Dallas, Austin areas and now in a town of 127,000 population not counting the 50,000 + at Fort Hood, Texas. Bob needs to take of his “rose colored” glassess. Your descriptions of MY Texas and Texans are right on.

    Worked one summer in Connecticut for a RV park, what an education. Have worked in several other states as security guards. Everyone has their own thoughts/opinions – but I believe you are right on track. Keep it up.

    I’m going back and reading all your blogs – and staying current.

  2. We worked for Gate Guard, LLc for 8 mos with 3 weeks off for surgery and one week for going home for a funeral. We left our position on May 2nd to come home and work on rental property. Not quiet got it all done yet. Gate Guard was really good to us. We are planning on being back the 1st of Sept. We are now in south central Ky. While in Texas we were at Tilden, Cheepside & Shiner when we left.
    I don’t think i want to do it 12 months and not come home to see freinds & family.
    Could lose out post too. Nice reading about other gate guards.

    • Joel – You certainly picked the right season to go home! Sounds like our paths almost crossed as we spent our first month in Tilden and our next 6 weeks in Shiner! We’re going to try to stick it out for the first year and a half and then, hopefully take a couple of months off next summer. Thanks for reading. Maybe we’ll meet one of these days on a Texas caliche road! Let us know where you end up in September!

    • Have looked for Gate Guard, LLc website to obtain information and contact info. Can’t seem to find them. We are currently managing campground (past 12 years) and are looking for something else to do now. Please forward any info which would help us locate this company. Thank you. D @ winnies02@gmail.com. Thanks again.

      • Den –
        I’m having internet trouble but if you go to the top of the page and click on Gate Guarding Info and Links you’ll find the address and phone for GGS there. If you still have problems, feel free to email me at branson.debbie@gmail.com and when I can access my email, I’ll try to help you out.
        Best wishes!

  3. I think that is great as we are going to join you May1st.!!!! All our paperwork is in and we will be leaving here on 5/27 to head your way and wait for an assignment. We are going to be completing our job as camphosts at Ratcliff Recreational Area in Kennard, Texas. We hail from Michigan but won’t be heading that way until August and then back down to hopefully gateguard in November. We wanted to try it for three months to decide if we like it. I am sure we will as we are firm believers that life is what you make it!! Ready for a new adventure!!

    What kind of phone do you have? We have att but our modem for computer is verizon. We do have a wilson antenna for computer.

    • Congratulations!!! We have the name of a great little spot that might give you a discount on a site while you wait. Debbie can address that when she works this eve.

      We have HTC Surrounds with AT&T and really are glad to have the Wilson booster. It makes internet with AT&T possible. The Verizon wouldn’t work even with booster! Some people are able to use Verizon but not most. It all depends on where you end up being located. Verizon does allow you to put your air card on vacation for a month at a time, I know. I’m in Droid withdrawl. I loved my Droid and the apps!

      So you’re going to give it a try. I’m hoping you like it. We sure do. We’ll keep in touch. Feel free to email us. Check the contact info under About tab. It made a huge difference to us that we could ask other gate guards questions, but there’s no explaining it until you try it. Add to that, each gate requirement varies a little. It is so funny how many Midwesterners (guess you’re a MI dwesterner?) find their way to Texas as gate guards. Glad to have you join the ranks!

    • Hey Jill! That’s great news! Keep in touch when you get here and we’ll compare temps! It was 93 here April 1st, and 103 south of us! 😀 I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the job. I promise that if you like it in May, June and July, you’ll love it in the winter!

    • With a smile, we always say “We’re hoping to stay all summer.” We’ve had some bad summers in Iowa, but hear that we really have no idea what this high humidity and heat will feel like. Let me put it this way… we’re stubborn, we love the job and we’re not quitters. I come from a long line of fighters, what do you think?

  4. We are currently gate guarding at a gas site in Benbrook, TX, just south of Ft Worth. For the most part I’ve enjoyed your blog although I do not agree with your generalizations of Texas and Texans.
    Are you really guarding at an oil well? Just haven’t heard of anyone doing that. Gas wells yes, oil no. Guess it can’t be that much different. What is the name of the co you work for and what is the pay scale?

    • Bob, Thank you for stopping by. The tab on the right side of the header will give you all the information you should need for checking out Gate Guard Services. They have been a wonderful company for us to work with. Some of our friends tried other guard services and were not as happy. We went with their experience and have had no regrets!

    • Bob – After reading your comment, I doubled checked with our guys today, and yep, this really is an oil well (natural gas ,too, but primarily oil). I never mean to cause any offense with my tongue-in-cheek posts about Texas. I’m enjoying the state, I love our guys and I love the job. I find humor in our differences! If I have facts to back up my comments, I usually include a quote or a link. Otherwise, I’m just writing about what I observe and what I’m told by the folks who pass through our gate. I’m always interested in other peoples take on things. Feel free to share yours!

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