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DQ in TX

It was a quiet day at the gate. We’re winding down here. We expect to be moving in a week or so. Late in the afternoon I headed into Nixon to do laundry. It’s only about 10 miles. It took me a little longer than usual.

I didn’t get lost this time but I did disturb a cow that had firmly planted herself in the middle of the road. What’s left of the Jeep’s horn (about a half a beep) had no impact. We both waited. She moved when she felt like it. She was a little put out with me.

At the Laundromat, I had a nice visit with B.J. She’s a busy Mom with 3 kids. Today was her day off. She’s been working double shifts at the DQ down the street.

B.J. was telling me what to expect in the way of summer heat: pretty much 100 degrees all summer. And summer, according to B.J. starts in May in Texas and doesn’t end until sometime around the middle of October.

She said a lot of people come to Texas from Arizona, thinking the climate will be about the same. B.J. said they’re always surprised at how much hotter it is in Texas. Yep…

As we talked, I mentioned that there sure are a lot of Dairy Queens in Texas. Towns that don’t even have a grocery store have a DQ.

I asked if she thought it was because of the heat? She said: Well, that helps business but Dairy Queen was invented in Dallas a long time ago so that’s most likely the reason we have so many.

As it turns out, the first Dairy Queen store opened in Joliet, Illinois in 1940. But B.J. wasn’t far off. There are more DQs in Texas (600+) than in any other state.

Texans have a special relationship with Dairy Queen. And the feeling is mutual.

There’s a special Texas motto: DQ, That’s What I Like About Texas!

There’s an entire separate That’s What I Like About Texas menu. On it you’ll find things like: TexaSize your soft drink or fries and Texas DQ Add-Ons like Jalapenos and Chili.

There’s a special sandwich called Dude – Chick’n Fried Steak.

There are Texas T-Brand Tacos, 3 for $3.69.

And there are the Country Baskets. You can order Steak Fingers or Chick’n Fingers. Both come with Texas Toast and Crispy Fries and a uniquely Texas dipping sauce: Gravy.

There are 550 Dairy Queens outside of the US and Canada, in 19 countries including 145 in China and 219 in Thailand. I don’t know how they’ve customized their menus.

But in the US, nobody has branded DQ like TX.

They have something special here!

Next time you’re in the Lone Star State, you might want to say it loud and proud: add a little Texas style eatin’ to my soft serve!


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