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It’s 10PM…

This PSA was aired all over the nation in the late 70’s, before I had children. By the time mine were old enough for me to need to know where they were at night, there wasn’t anyone on TV reminding me to check.

I have 2 wonderful children, who now have their own children. They were always great about letting me know where they would be when. It was a simple system. We talked.

10 years later, I’m once again responsible for knowing where everyone is at 10PM. I just did a quick count. Tonight I have 43 guys on site. A couple will leave in the morning. Most of the rest that are here now, will be here until we finish up next week.

Generally, traffic is pretty steady until around 2 am. Sometimes they stop and want to talk a bit. Sometimes they just stop long enough to wave to make sure I see them coming in or going out.

It’s Tuesday night and on our site, that’s always the busiest.

The 7/7 guys are roaring out towards home for a week; or returning at the last moment to get some sleep before they start-up again in the morning.

Tonight is extra busy: there are problems with the hole and there are some electrical issues. I’ve checked in 9 trucks since I began to write.

On nights like tonight when my computer keeps losing it’s internet signal, I’m grateful that this is such a wonderfully low-tech job. It  took me 15 minutes to post this picture, so I think is a sign it’s time to sign off for the night.

No internet, no problem – amazing! In this job I don’t need to tweet or post or be linked-in; I just need the clipboard, a smile and a cup of coffee. Such an uncomplicated way to communicate that it’s almost a lost art: pen and paper and a little conversation.


7 thoughts on “It’s 10PM…

  1. Heidi, we just got off the phone with GGS…looks like we may be heading to your area…Gonzales. Of course that could change, but he said there’s a lot of work going on down there.

    • Hey, that’s great, John! Let us know when you get in the area! There do seem to be drill sites springing up all over down here! I’m headed to your blog now if my overheated air card doesn’t kick me off line for good. Thanks so much for your comments!

  2. We are working for GGS up here in Benbrook. Would you email your phone number as there a few questions I’d like to ask you re working down there. Frankly, it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun but really don’t want to spend another winter up here.
    Bob Badger

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