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Happy as a Dead Pig in Sunshine!

The hole began caving in yesterday. Rocky, the Cement Man (in cases like that, don’t you wonder if it was the job, or the name that came first?) is here cementing. Re-drilling is beginning.

JoJo our Total Safety guy!

JoJo  explained it all to me in great detail today. I’m pretty sure if I tried to write it out here, I’d have you as confused as I am.

Fortuitously, Tom commented on yesterday’s post and included an excellent video that explains horizontal drilling. Since I’m not sure how often anyone goes back and reads comments on previous posts, I’m re-posting the link here. Thanks, Tom!


Speaking of reading comments, John added a Texas joke to my old Texas Truisms post today. You may want to just scroll to the comment to see it. He confirmed my Coke suspensions! (click on John’s name to go to his blog)

We’re a little bit sick here. I have a sinus infection (maybe) which I’m pretty sure is from dust inhalation. My air-card for my laptop has a fever, literally. It’s almost too hot to touch. I ordered a new one which should arrive Monday, if they can find Parr site 1852 at 572 County Road 534, Smiley, Texas. It would be so much easier if they’d let us use a PO box.

So tonight I’m keeping it short. I’ve been reading quite a bit about Texas and about southern sayings.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of sayings about pigs.  There’s:

Neighbors 30 yards to the East

Go Hog Wild!


Go Whole Hog!

Last night the guys went hog-wild and lassoed a whole hog.

He’s going to be their dinner tonight. I have the full and complete story about that one, but I’m not thinkin’ you’d really want to hear it. They figure he weighed about 120 pounds so he’ll likely be a bit gamey.

When they catch a littler one, they’re going to bring us dinner. 😀

There’s: Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then!

Neighbors 50 yards to the North

OK. I don’t really get that one, but if hogs eat acorns, he must have gotten lucky.

There are the common sayings like:

Pig Out!

Holler like a stuck pig!

Don’t buy a pig in a poke (I wrote a whole post on that one)

As crooked as a pig’s tail !

Don’t be a pig !

Scenic drive to Luling

Then there are the truly weird ones:

As happy as a dead pig in sunshine!

I took this picture last week on the way to Luling and I’m pretty sure they got this particular expression wrong. The buzzards were happy, but the pig, not so much.


He don’t need it no more than a pig needs the New Testament.

I have absolutely no idea…

And of course:

Slick as a greased pig !

The little ones are pretty fast. The guys may have to settle for gamey!

Neighbors in our driveway


12 thoughts on “Happy as a Dead Pig in Sunshine!

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  2. I uploaded a new blog this morning and wanted to mention that we are so close to you guys, but this stupid HTC Surround is all I have for internet right now and it’s still a bit clunky for blog posting…it wouldn’t allow me to add any more after the pictures…grrrr!!!

    • John, we have HTC Surrounds, too. We had Verizon when we came to Texas but had zero signal in Tilden so we switched to AT&T. We ended up spending $349 for a Wilson Wireless Phone Amplifier Kit and a Magnet Mount Antenna. As long as the booster is pretty close to the laptop, we consistently have 3 bars. Never gets any better than that, but it’s enough to get on line without a lot of waiting. Not sure if your even able to read this so I’ll send the same info to your email.

  3. Debbie/Heidi:

    Glad you ladies enjoyed the Drilling Video. Some of you Gate Guards Lingo now makes sense! LOL
    Keep the humor & pics comin’

    • Thanks again for the video, Tom. It’s gotten more clicks than anything I’ve ever posted! I’ll still leave the lingo to the gate guards who know what they’re talking about, but I love learning! I’ll be watching that video quite a few more times, I’m certain!

  4. I’ve always heard it as “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then.” Must depend on what part of the states you come from. And, everything is bigger in Texas!

    Looking forward to exploring the links, thanks!

    • Gotta say, the squirrel and the acorn makes a lot more sense to me. Doesn’t seem like an acorn would be very satisfying to a pig. Do you think every region has a mammal and an acorn pairing? All 50 states have some kind of oak tree (I just checked) and all 50 states certainly have mammals. Maybe that’s why the saying is so popular? 😀

    • Well if that doesn’t just dill my pickle! Thanks for the fun link John! Just read your latest post. Small world, huh! Welcome to Smiley! 😀

  5. Really enjoyed this post and espcecially appreciate the link to video explaining drilling and fracing. Thanks

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