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There’s Something in the Water

One of the perks of RVing is that your water is nearly always free.

Junior and Heidi replentishing our water supply

Just add a drinking water hose and you’re usually set.

For most of us working as Gate Guards, the company provides your:


Portable Septic

Red Diesel (dyed red to discourage theft)

A  Generator


A Field Supervisor who keeps you supplied with all of the above

It’s a good deal, except for the water.

You can shower with it and wash the dishes.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a washer, you can do laundry with it.

I hear some folks water the road with it.

Typical set up

About the only thing you can’t do with the water is drink it.

There’s something in the water…

I’m not a water connoisseur.

Just plain tap has always been fine by me.

I tend believe the conspiracy theorists that say most bottled water comes from a sink not a spring.

I’ve never felt the need to buy bottled water.

The problem with bottled water, a part from the environmental considerations, is that it makes you thirsty. It may just be one of the greatest  marketing ploys of our time!

I’d heard rumors, so yesterday I bought a bottle of DANSI.

Salt water to go

According to Wikipedia, Coca-Cola (the company, not Coke, the soft drink of Texas) uses tap water from local municipal water supplies.

They filter the water and add:

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom salt)

Potassium Chloride –  Warning: not to be ingested if dehydrated!


Sodium Chloride (plain old table salt)

Wiki got it right. At least re: the ingredients. It’s all on the label.

Bottled slightly salty water which will make you thirsty enough to buy more bottled slightly salty water!

Stocking up

I buy my water at the water re-filling receptacle at the Super S for .35 a gallon. It probably comes from a tap out back.

Personally, I like my water in the form of coffee.

I don’t consider coffee a vice. I consider it an essential daily beverage.

When I feel like a real splurge, there’s nothing like a tall, skinny double shot latte.

Some people would argue that it isn’t really water once you add the beans.

But then, there’s always something in the water


18 thoughts on “There’s Something in the Water

  1. Update: Andy and I just installed an Aqua sun water filter with a spout on the counter. Yeah, no more trips to store for h2o. He wrote on our blog about it last nite. If you want to check it out in detail. (myoldrv,.com).
    My coffee tastes like coffee. Or Yak hide, I can’t really tell cuz my taste buds are on hyper-spazzing.

    • I subscribe to myoldrv to I’d read the post. Sounds like a really good deal! We hope to change RVs by the end of the year. Maybe we’ll look into then.

  2. Do you go through alot of halogen bulbs? You do know, that you can’t touch them with your bare hands right? The oil on your hands gets on them and makes them burn out very fast. You have to wear gloves to install them.

  3. Debbie:

    Now I’m laughing!! WE have no Gate Guard Experience. Just checking it out on your great blog, along with Kit & Jerry, And John & Terry, if we decide this route when we fulltime.
    Oh yeah, we’d have a travel trailer, and not a MH.like all you other gate guarders. Could we still play ? LOL

    • 😀 Kit and Jerry & John and Terry do such a great job writing about life on the ranch, don’t they! I’m always tumbling down rabbit holes…
      You can SO play. You have the heart and wit to even make it in a TT! 😉
      Actually, I’ve been surprised at all the motorhomes.
      If I had it to do over, I’d get a 5th wheel… Of course, it’d be hard to pull with the Jeep!

  4. A lot of other companies require you to use your holding tank for ten days!!!! Then they send out a septic sucking (honey wagon) service. Yet another reason why we went with Gate Guard Services!! They just treat their people better!!

  5. I’ve always thought that the bottled water made me more thirsty. I very rarely buy it and I found the cheap brands don’t seem to create the thirst, probably can’t afford to add it.

  6. The service trailer in the picture above has:
    diesel generator
    550 gallon water tank
    250 gallon diesel fuel tank.
    The sewage is dumped from your onboard tank into the a seperate tank sitting on the ground. There are two sewage tanks with a lift pump to pump Into the 2nd one if necessary.
    secondary sewage tank if it becomes necessary.

    • Miss K – For some reason this comment got dumped into Spam by Word Press. I just now saw it. I think you’re too smart for the processor! Great explanation! Thanks!

  7. Debbie & Heidi:

    Thanks for the service trailer picture!! I’ve noticed the Harbor Freight halogen outdoor lights at several Gate Guard Blogs. Do you all supply your own? Do some guard sites have regular septic pumping from your rv’s, or does everyone drain into the trailer mounted tnak? Thanks ladies.

    • OK Tom, I just read your comment and laughed out loud! 😀 There has to be some irony is being asked anything the day after I write about how I know nothing! I’m happy share my experiences but many know much more! We work for Gate Guard Services and they do provide our outdoor lights. I have a friend who worked for another company that required them to buy their own lights. I’m not aware of companies that use other types of septic services but there may well be some. I’ll throw that question out to other gate guards. What’s been your experience?

  8. Totally agree with coffee being a necessity!! It IS mostly water so i think it should count towards our daily required intake!!
    I used to be an environmental chemist…I have tested tap water from all over the state…almost all of it is awesome!! Typically bottled water is tap water…but it is put through an RO (reverse osmosis) filtration unit, then the salts and minerals are added for “flavor.” You would NEVER want to drink pure water again if you ever tried it!! Pure H2O is actually bitter tasting. Hence the need to add minerals for taste…

    • John, thanks for the chemistry lesson! In Cedar Rapids (Iowa), although we lived in town, our side of the road was technically county and we all had wells. We had ours checked periodically, never added anything to it and the water was wonderful. No taste of chlorine or salt or those other odd sulfur like flavors that you sometimes get with city water. All they had on Heidi’s grandparents farm in Iowa and her family’s place in MN was well water. Maybe all that well water has gone to our heads! 😀

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