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The First Tea Party was in Titusville

Week Ends: #2

“My formula for success is rise early, work late, and strike oil.” ~Paul Getty

Texas is the nation’s #1 oil and gas producer with more than 216,000 active oil and gas wells statewide.

It may be called Texas Tea, but the oil industry in the US didn’t start pumping in Texas. It began on a quiet farm in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859.

 Texas didn’t get around to drilling an oil well for another 7 years. It was a well drilled in 1866 by Lyne T. Barret near the east Texas town of Nacogdoches that really got things flowing!

The Corsicana field, the first big producing field in Texas, was discovered accidentally by local businessmen who were drilling deep wells looking for water, not oil.

To top it off,  the first drillers thought the oil zones were a nuisances, and drilled right past them to get to the water!

These are a few pictures I took in the  The Central Texas Oil Patch Museum in Luling, Texas.

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5 thoughts on “The First Tea Party was in Titusville

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    • Isn’t it! Steve gave me a piece of Eagle Ford Shale yesterday. Gonna write about that tomorrow, I think. Generator belt blew at 11:30 last night. Didn’t have any power for about 10 hours so writing ground to a halt. Had this post kinda done, so just published without polish.

      • Thanks for the History post Debbie! Hope the Wildfires aren’t too close, I read about near Austin.
        Too bad about the generator prob, but as True Gate Guarders, you gals made do!
        Good Luck, Keep the blog goin’!

        • Tom, we’re quite a distance from the wild fires. So sad for those folks, tho’. It was one dark night, last night! 😉 At least Jimmy’s not here ’till Tuesday so the pigs were pretty quiet. The generator blew a belt. Jamie got it up and running again around 9 this a.m.

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