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Pick a Peck of Pickeld Pears


I’m not really much of a sports fan but I do know what a TD is. So when Steve told me yesterday that we’d reached TD I struggled to make the verb fit the noun.

I had to ask what constitutes a TD off the football field, in the oil field?

He told me and we talked a bit more. The gate was really busy. The 7/7 guys were leaving for home and the other were returning for their tour. A caravan arrived to begin running the casings.

It was a while before I came inside and told Heidi the good news: we’d reached Total Destruction!

She said: Are you sure that’s what Steve said?

I should have written it down.

I said: I’m kind of sure. I know it’s a good thing that sound like death.

The more I got to thinking about it, the less likely it seemed that I’d gotten it right. When Steve came back from Nixon, I asked him if we’d reached Total Destruction? He said he sure hoped not!

As most of you probably know, TD stands for Terminal Destination. Total Destruction, Terminal Destination: both sound like bad action movies to me, but Terminal Destination is a good thing.

Hard to see through all the caliche, but this cow dined on a  prickly pear cactus for at least an hour.

Steve is a very patient man.

Tonight I pointed out that the cow standing at the side of the road was eating a prickly pear cactus.

I was concerned for her.

I asked if that was common in Texas? He wasn’t sure. I Googled it later. It appears to happen mostly during a drought and isn’t very good for the bovines, for kind of obvious reason.

Steve did add that prickly pear cactus are delicious! A fact that the cows know but has managed to escape me.

I asked if he meant prickly pear jelly which they have in all the touristy shops? I think I’ve also had prickly pear wine.

But no, Steve said prickly pear cacti are really good with scrambled eggs. He said they pickle them and serve them in strips like green beans. Officially, they’re called Nopalitos – tender cactus?

About an hour later, Steve returned from town with a present.

Our own jar of Nopalitos

So far I haven’t been able to get the jar open so I can’t tell you how they taste.

The ingredients are: tender cactus, onions, cilantro, serrano peppers, vinegar and water.

I’ll scrambled some eggs when Heidi gets up and take another crack at the lid.

The prickly pear cactus is the state plant of Texas.

Too bad for the cows that it isn’t something like hay.

There are a number of interesting laws concerning cattle in Texas.

Through no fault of her own, the color of the hide of this bovine makes her a perfect target for graffiti artists!

My favorite one is:

In Texas, it’s illegal to put graffiti on someone else’s cow.

That seems like a good and reasonable law to me.

Given all they go through just to get some roughage in their diet, I surely would hope they wouldn’t have to worry about  people sneaking up on them with magic markers and spray paint!

This post was barely up when this poor cow met with the inevitability of illegality in the dark back roads of Texas.

Although I’m protecting the artist from prosecution or persecution by not posting her name here, if you read the comments… well you can draw your own conclusions.

Documented evidence of bovine graffiti near Smiley, Texas! (click to blow up cow to read)


8 thoughts on “Pick a Peck of Pickeld Pears

  1. At least this graffiti is written in a know language, not that gang writing is unknown, but highly unintelligible to me. (Thankfully LA is far from SLO.) I wonder if anyone in CA has considered a cow??? TX is on the cutting edge!

  2. The other cow looks like she’s trying to floss with that hangin’ vine to get the cactus out
    of her teeth. LOL. Your cows sure are funny….Maybe we should……………….No!, No! I swear I didn’t do nutin’……………Now where’s that spray can???

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