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Stuck Inside a Cloud

Week_Ends: #3

It’s Saturday which means it’s time to sweep up what hit the cutting floor this week.

A typical caliche hue

Today’s Week_End is all about caliche: the official dust of Texas!

When George Harrison wrote Stuck Inside a Cloud, it’s pretty clear he wasn’t thinking about caliche.

I am. I think about caliche quite a bit.

In Texas, caliche is home-grown, cheap and  used to make heavy things like cement and unsubstantial things like haze.

You can see a country mile because there’ll be a caliche cloud billowing above it.

The back roads of Texas are a caliche cache.

I can't even edit the caliche out of my pictures

I measured the caliche this afternoon as I shook it off the air hose so the bell could breath again. It’ was 3-4 inches deep in most spots.

It covers my tennis shoes and gently wisps up  my legs, turning my black jeans white.

It clings to me.

I’ve decided if I’m going to stay in Texas awhile, I’m going to have to make peace with this pervasive powder.

I share my RV and my sinuses with caliche.

I no longer stir it up by dusting 3 times a day.

I’ve quit shaking Henry like a mop before he comes inside.

Texas (caliche) tall

I keep Visine at both end of the RV.

I only breathe inside.

I’ve abandoned the 5 second rule. If it touches the floor for a nano-second, it’s guaranteed to taste gray.

I pretend that my hair is still brown and that it’s just gathering caliche.

I now view the world through a gentle caliche haze as I sing along with George.  (some minor changes to the lyrics)

I’m Stuck Inside a Cloud of Caliche 

Talking to myself
Sighing out loud
Only I can see me
I’m stuck inside a caliche cloud

We’re moving to a new site today. I’ll post again once the caliche settles.

Caliche! Gotta love it!


10 thoughts on “Stuck Inside a Cloud

    • There was no place for us at our new site. We’re literally smashing down the wheat and closer to the road than before. I wonder if I can tell wheat chaff from caliche?

  1. This stuff is my mortal enemy!! I HATE caliche. I wish the operators would stop using this junk!! But, alas they will likely not as it’s cheap…from what I’m told.

    • John, it does sound like caliche is here (everywhere) to stay. In Oregon we had sea dust (sand) and in Iowa we had dirt dust. The difference was when you dusted, the dust was gone. With caliche, I’m convinced it just shape-shifts!

  2. I use an air compressor to blow out the RV on a regular basis. Other times I find myself swatting at it with the fly-swatter thinking that cloud that just went by was a bug. When i’m reading on the laptop (like your blog) I see something moving out of the corner of my eye and jump up and throw the door open thinking my gate alarm has missed someone and they’ve been sitting out there waiting on dumb-as…. me.
    Caliche is Not a friend, simply an antagonist.

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