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In My Daughter’s Eyes

Today is Mother’s Day. It doesn’t feel so much like it here on a drill site in southern Texas, although I am old enough to be the mother of just about everybody here! I had no idea how old 54 was until I started working as a gate guard.

Mother’s Day is one of the saddest and happiest days of the year for me.

My Mom died 5 years ago. There isn’t a day that my heart doesn’t ache from missing her.

My daughter was born 30 years ago and my son, 2 years later. They’ve completely rewritten my capacity for love. It’s an honor to be their Mom.

We’ve all been reminded for weeks that Mother’s Day was coming and we should buy cards and flowers and diamonds. If I could buy anything,  it would be time with my Mom and time with my children and grandchildren.

I can’t be with them today, except in my heart. Whether you’re celebrating this day with your family, or missing them; it seems to me like it’s a good time to remember, if the memories are tender or to forgive, if the memories are hard.

Martina McBride sings about being a mother so beautifully, I thought it would be a fitting Mother’s Day tribute. Once again, this is for you, Jennielee.

I love you so much, Jennielee and Dan.



11 thoughts on “In My Daughter’s Eyes

  1. How beautiful!! It was a happy/sad day for me, too. BUT we do have wonderful memories of a remarkable Mother!!

    • We do, don’t we. I’ve never met a more wonderful woman. As much as I still miss her, I’m incredibly thankful we were blessed with such an amazing Mother.

  2. a gift beyond measure. sort of like good friends. love to you and heidi. happy mother’s day.

  3. Vary beautifil tribute Heidi & Debbie! I’m sure you’ve heard JImmy Deans, Tribute to Mother, It’s quite a tear jerker. HAd a wonderful day, with 4 grand kids, all age 2 & under. Hang in there and be safe ladies.

    Tom & Cathy Shannon
    Magna, UT

    • Tom – Wow! 4 under the age of 2! Mine are 4 3 2 with 1 due in July. 🙂 I made a video for my daughter with picture of my mother and me and my daughter and her daughter a few years ago using In My Daughter’s Eyes. They are a gift beyond measure, aren’t they? So glad you all had a special day together. Tell Cathy Happy Mother’s Day for us!

  4. Happy Mothers day my friend and to Heidi too.
    Loved the post and the Song.
    I share my Mom with you today.
    Heart hugs, Sue

    • Sue- Love and miss you dear friend. Happy Mother’s Day! So glad you can spend this day with your Mom (give her an extra hug for me) and just a few more days until you see your girls! 🙂

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