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Right-wing, Left-wing or Thigh?

My Mom was a terrific cook! Her fried chicken was unrivaled. She loved cooking. Every meal was a celebration for her and everything was made from scratch. We’d have fried chicken, homemade noodles, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls,coleslaw, fresh snapped green beans, 7 layer jello salad, and at least two kinds of pie. And this was when we weren’t having company!

When we had fried chicken at home, Mom always ate the wings. She claimed she liked them the best. But when we went to KFC, she always ordered a thigh. It was a Mom-martyr thing. Now that I’m a Mom, I get it.

Just like my Mom, I’ve eaten a lot of wings, but they’re not my favorite.

I’ve sampled Right-wing politics and Left-wing politics.

I’ve joined Right-wing churches and Left-wing churches.

As with chicken, I find I like the middle meat better. The most surprising and disheartening part of affiliation for me, is the mocking that’s distributed evenly from left to right.

The term moderate in the context of politics and religion has become synonymous with:

a. no conviction

b. no opinion

c. no passion

d. all of the above

Since I have convictions, opinions and passions, I’m searching for a new word, but I don’t think it’s thigh.

When my kids were in college, they both took Logic, a Philosophy 101 course. One of the lessons they shared with me was how to have the best debate. To engage in a truly valuable discussion, always talk about your opponents strongest argument, not their weakest. How often do we ever hear that? How much we might learn!

Political rallies, news bites and sermons are tainted with ridicule towards those who lean the other direction. Frequently this is done by choosing a quote or an example that is aberrant to the group as a whole. This isn’t making an argument from their strengths, it isn’t even making an argument from their position.

Have you ever stopped behind someone at a traffic light, read their bumper sticker and known instantly that you wouldn’t like them?

Does your jaw tighten when you read one of these?

If Ignorance is Bliss, You Must Be One Happy Liberal

Proud to Be Everything The Right Wing Hates

I Pray…  Deal With It

Born Once …  That’s Plenty

There’s such a rush to judgement. Don’t we at least owe each other a modicum of respect for having convictions, even if they aren’t ours? You don’t have to sell me, just share with me. Help me see the world through your eyes.

I vote for a cup of coffee and a conversation.

Don’t judge me by my bumper sticker. I may be borrowing my neighbor’s car.

22 thoughts on “Right-wing, Left-wing or Thigh?

  1. Like you said “you’ve only been a gate guard for 4 months.”
    We all know you had a great life before gate guarding, and I personally appreciate/enjoy that side of your life also. If my “toes” get to hurting-I’ll just go to NEXT POST.

    Who can/should make a judgement from an opinion?

    See you on the next post.

    • Hello Mickey! So nice to see you again.:D
      I was a little taken aback with this post, because my point was simply to listen to each other and grow. I did think I was “lecturing”. Plus, this is MY blog so you have to expect a few of my opinions will seep in from time to time. 😉

      That said, I have to thank Bob for his honesty. His comment here prompted me to start Two Minutes of Grace, 2 weeks later! 😉
      It’s a great place for me to express a whole different side of myself without stepping on the toes of the regular readers here at Fork.

      I average about 250 hits a day on Fork and only about a 100 on Grace but I get a lot more comments on my Grace blog. I can’t tell you how nice it is for me that you take the time to leave comments – that puts you in the 2% here!
      Thanks again! Hope your toes are wiggling and not at all bruised by me.

  2. Amen to “there’s such a rush to judgement” Been there done that far too often in my life. I occasionally slip and shake my head while saying to self, “see you never know someone else’s story”

  3. Great news: Coffee is good for your heart! A 2008 study of more than 125,000 Americans found no connection between coffee consumption and increased risk of death. In fact, coffee drinking seems to be linked to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
    (especially in women), cancer and type 2 diabetes. That’s because it’s so rich in antioxidants.

    Conversation: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. -Max Planck, Physicist

    • I love the quote…very true. That perfectly describes the change that I experience in the process of becoming less and less judgmental. I begin to see the person, I want to know more of their heart good or bad, it may just be that love and acceptance is all they need. People are truly fascinating.

    • Love what you said, Malinda. Just knowing it makes you mad at yourself tells me so much about your heart. Very consistent with your blog. I’m a fan.

    • Malinda – There was a time when I thought I could pick the neighborhood I’d like to live in my the campaign signs in their yards. Sad, isn’t it? Thanks for your honest sharing.

  4. I love to talk to people with different outlooks on life other than my own. Unfortunately people become very defensive and offended when I bring up another way to look at an issue. I find it a great learning tool but most people just want to be right without hearing another persons viewpoint. My brother died a couple of years ago and I truly miss him. We could talk about any issue – not get angry and walk away with many points to ponder.

    • I can’t tolerate intolerance! It depresses me to think that very perspective lands me in their camp, so I’m trying to let them be wrong without joining them! I like what you said and I should have left it at that. Sorry to hear you’ve lost your brother.

    • Jill, I think most of us are drawn to people who are somewhat like-minded. The times we’re able to have meaningful discussions about things we see very differently and can come away feeling heard and with new insight are so rich. What a gift to have had a brother you could talk with like that. When someone that dear to us dies, I think the forever missing is a tribute to the depth of caring.

  5. I love your blog…………..when you don’t lecture. Politics, religion and morals are not reasons I read your blog or anyone else’s.

      • Malinda – I’ve posted daily for over 4 months. Today is the first time I’ve felt my gut cinch-up every time I see there’s a new comment. The negative responses may indicate I could have used a little more finesse, do you think? 🙂 If I’m going to keep writing, it has to be about more than just gate guarding and Texas. I’m not Dave Berry. I can’t do funny all the time. This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but drinking isn’t required.

  6. I love to share recipes that people have tasted of my cooking. Most people don’t share their recipes. I do. It makes everyone say “Wow”, Thank you! It always makes me smile wide and be happier. Try that for yourself as well. Cheers. Kathy

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