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The Drilling of a Well

I haven’t written about gate guarding lately,unless you count the tarantulas in the crock pot. A lot of folks have been asking for pictures. I’ve tried to put together a brief pictorial history of this site, from my side of the gate.  They’ll finish the cement work tonight. That means our time has come to an end. Eagle Ford Shale is holding true to its promise.

We’ve been here for 28 days. Can you imagine how much these 28 days have changed the lives of the ranchers who’ve owned this land for generations? I didn’t get a picture of sweet Nancy, but Bill is the gentleman standing beside his truck – the one not covered in grease and mud. I would guess their lives will be quite different, but maybe not. Money affects people is such diverse ways.

It’s interesting to be working in an industry where a month of drilling creates millionaires. I enjoy watching the landowners excitement. I think most gate guards would agree. We play such a miniscule role in this huge endeavor, but still there’s pleasure each day in trying to add some warmth and fun to this tough environment.

Bill and Nancy will follow the progress of the fracking. For the rest of us, it’s time to move on. Some of our group will head home for a week or two. Most of us will pack up and move 4 miles to the next spot where another rancher waits in the caliche to watch as a derrick goes up and pipes go down and fortunes rise.

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10 thoughts on “The Drilling of a Well

  1. Love the pictures. If you need help tomorrow, let us know. We have plenty experience moving!!! LOL

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