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I Don’t Know Why I Open My Mouth

It’s not what you’re thinking…  although that’s true, too.

What I mean is, I don’t know why I open my mouth when I’m not talking or eating or taking deep breaths or sighing or yawning?

I used to wear mascara. Then I moved to Texas. It was 102 today and it’s still May! That’s just wrong.  Anyway, the combination of heat, caliche and constant wind or zero wind (never just a nice breeze) and mascara had left me looking like a dazed, goth, potentially self-combustible lady in a bright orange vest.

I decided to give up mascara. Eventually, I won’t even have to pluck. This topic was more than thoroughly covered in Never, Ever Open Your Eyes in the Shower.

Not wearing mascara is kind of wonderful! I’m in a lot less pain. Eye liner and mascara were always a struggle for me since I can’t see a thing without my glasses and I can’t wear contacts. It was, literally, hit and miss. People seemed strangely hesitant to comment on how unusual it was on the days my eyelashes stretched the entire length of a cheek bone.

But in my mascara days, I always opened my mouth when I was putting it on. I thought this was just a personal quirk, but no, it turns out many women open their mouths when they apply mascara.

I don’t know why.

We just do. I did a little research and opinions vary. Some think it relaxes the eye muscles, others, not so much.

To add to the list of syndromes and phobias I’ve already shared here at Fork, I have Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). It’s worse now that I’ve moved south. I just Googled it:

Symptoms seem to worsen in dry climates, in windy conditions, with higher temperatures, with lower humidity, with prolonged use of your eyes (for example, reading, spending time at a computer, watching TV), and toward the end of the day.

It is humid here, over wise I think I’ve got it covered. My eyes are parched, if eyes can parch. I have eye drops everywhere. Really. I live in an RV and I have 4 bottles of eye drops that are open. Wherever I am, there’s always a little bottle within reach.

So the upshot is, I’ve switched from mascara to eye drops. And here’s the thing: I take the cap off the eye drops, tilt my head back and I open my mouth.

I don’t know why.

I know to be mindful of keeping my mouth shut to prevent something unexpected from popping out. I guess I also to have to learn to keep my mouth shut or someday, something unexpected may pop in!

9 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why I Open My Mouth

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  2. Funny I was doing just what you mentioned about the mouth hanging open this morning as I put some mascara on and thought ” this doesn’t help any” so I focused on shutting it. It just feels better hanging open and sucking some air.
    Also Debbie, I would like to see the picture of the “dazed, goth, potentially self-combustible lady in the bright orange vest.”

    • Oh believe me, Chris – that picture would frighten small children! 😉 I’ve given up on keeping my mouth shut with the eye drops, too. I just make sure there aren’t any tarantulas on the ceiling before I open it!

  3. Are you aware that eye drops such as Visine can actually dry your eyes? I was advised to use saline solution instead, and if you drop it in your open mouth it tastes better!

    • My eye Dr. did tell me that. Thanks, Cuz!. Although I still have a bottle of the old stuff, the other two are reformulated with hydromelise. I have just plain liquid tears, too, but the new Visine seems to work better. Now to you – do you open your mouth when you put on mascara? Maybe that’s in the gene pool, too? 🙂

    • Well John, I’m so glad that repeatedly saying ‘I don’t know why” was helpful. I love it when someone profits from my ignorance! 😀

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