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Leave the Drama to TNT

Drama is like life with the dull bits cut out. ~ Alfred Hitchcock

I’ve only had a DVR since January. A DVR for a person who works nights at a gate on an oil rig is akin to the advent of Tupperware for the 60’s housewife. It’s almost calls for a party!

It’s usually around 3 am when I shut down the computer. By this time the trucks have slowed to an occasional rumble, the tarantulas have ceased their bouncing and the calves have gotten tired of licking the lawn chair.

I have about 2 hours where I read or watch TV. With my limited Direct TV package, I still get quiet a number of channels, and most are in English. Several sell knives and diamonds for hours and hours. I find this to be remarkable, but there must be an audience because every night, if I turn the TV on at 3 am, there they are, selling more rings and cutlery.

When I choose to watch TV, I often choose drama. If you want drama, what better place to go than to TNT.

TNT KNOWS DRAMA! Each episode starts out: The Drama of: Bones, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Law and Order continues next on TNT!

That’s exactly where I like my drama – on TNT, on TV, where I can shut it off anytime. An added plus is that, while these are real people I’m watching, they’re actors and the story is pretend.

It’s a lot like real life drama: real people, acting out. Every small thing gains traction with each retelling. The great basketball coach, Dean Smith once said: If you’re going to make every game a matter of life or death, you’re going to have a lot of problems. For one thing, you’ll be dead a lot. Point taken.

I have a propensity towards the excessive use of adjectives, superlatives, and maybe even adverbs. I can say less in more words than almost anybody. But, I’m not given to drama. I don’t get the appeal, but that’s just me. People proudly proclaim their status as a Drama Queen (or King). I find this degree of neediness a little alarming, and exhausting.  Seriously, sometimes don’t you just want to say: Cut! or That’s a Wrap! and shut down the set?

I can’t count how many times, just this week, I’ve heard (or read on FB or in emails) I’m so tired of all the drama. Drama is the new neurosis of the bored and restless.

A friend of a friend said: My day doesn’t really get started until I’ve had at least one good argument. Notice I said a friend of a friend. This may indeed be a lovely person but we don’t have friendship potential; way too much drama for me. I don’t understand the draw but there’s a lot I don’t understand, like ordering knives on TV.

I hear regularly from people who are considering leaving the corporate world and living full-time in an RV or even taking a run at gate guarding. I don’t want to be misleading.

There is drama here, too. Last night, two calves confused me for a salt lick (it was hot and I was wearing a white t-shirt, but still…) and this morning a wren decided to nest inside the RV.

That much drama, I can handle. The rest I’ll leave to TNT.

8 thoughts on “Leave the Drama to TNT

    • Cuz – Without a doubt! Remember, I said: sometimes don’t you just WANT to say: Cut! or That’s a Wrap! and shut down the set? I’m not suggesting saying it, but don’t you wish you had the remote for that channel sometimes!

    • John – they chewed half way through the satellite cable and starting walking away with the wheel covers. I feel like I’m living in a herd of goats! 😉

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