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A New Blog by Debbie

It’s June 1st! The beginning of a new month and the beginning of a new blog for me. I’ve decided my quandary about which direction to go with Fork is best answered by launching a second blog. Well  not launching really, more like quietly beginning a different type of journey.

I’ll continue to write  here at Fork. I’ve tried, sometimes harder than others, to keep Fork a pretty politically correct place. You’ve let me know when I’ve crossed that invisible line. I’m guessing from the comments, many of you who read regularly, read Fork because you’re interested in gate guarding or full-time RV Living.

After 5 months of writing about oil rigs, Texas and the weather, I find myself veering off in other directions. I’ve tried to keep Fork true to its roots, but there are things I’d love to write about that just don’t fit here. And I’ve noticed, there’s not a whole lot of me here.

Today, I’m adding yet another road less traveled. The new blog is called Grace in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1  If you like Fork, you may like this, too, but not necessarily. It’s entirely different as you can probably guess from the name.

And yes, I know, I should have called it Good Night Moon. Tomorrow or the next day, it will  be Fork as usual here. As always, thanks for reading! dlb

You can check out this link if you’re interested. Or you can come back here in a day or two and read about how the grass really is always greener…

Grace in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1

5 thoughts on “A New Blog by Debbie

    • Wade, I’ve waited for 5 months for someone to post that! 😀
      Of course to also quote YB: “I really didn’t say everything I said.”

      • Ol’ Yogi is a genius in his way. Ever since I first read your blog I’ve been waiting for the right moment to use that, LOL! Good luck with the new blog. I’ve dabbled a bit in writing and found I’m a much better reader. Thank goodness for the talented!

        • Wade – your timing was perfect! lol! I’m a much better reader than writer, too. The problem is, if it’s dark, I think I should be reading myself to sleep. It doesn’t seem to matter if I’ve slept 7 hours in the daytime, this night shift still has me confused. I open my book and after a chapter or two, I close my eyes!. 😉

  1. I hope the Fork Family checks out your new venue. I know most of us have been looking for your kind heart and unusual wisdom in these posts. The new blog will be cherished because it is so much a product of your sweet soul.

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