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Pad Sweet Pad

Do you remember when it was cool to say: Hey man, let’s chill and hang out at my pad tonight!

Me either, but I’ve heard it in movies.

Clearly these were not movies made on a drill site in Texas in June.

I know this for 2 reasons.

1. You don’t chill here.

After 6 months in southern Texas I’ve lost all realistic perception of the weather.

Another 5 degrees and I’ll have to start wearing those cooking- mits with thumbs  to open the RV door and to fasten my seat belt (which by the way, leaves burn marks).

I’m so disoriented, I start to pull my sweatshirt out of the closet when the temperature dips below 85.

As I begin to write tonight at 10:10 it’s still 92 degrees. This next weeks’ forecast is 99,99,99, 100,100,100,99.

I know I’ve undergone a mind melt when I watch the weather forecast and any time they say today will be in the mid-90’s, I think it’s cool. Please don’t write and tell me that the average temperature next month and the month after and the month after that will be 113. I know that already.

All the guys who’ve told me that: I need a gun; rattlesnakes live under RV’s; tarantulas start bouncing right before they bite; and wild hogs plan sneak attacks in the dark –  have already told me all about the summer weather.

2. You don’t hang out at our pads. Well, there are exceptions.

These poor cows are going through their second relocating for the third time. We’re rigging down and by this time tomorrow, the derrick will be 4 miles east as we begin drilling at a new site.

But a second pad has been prepared. A new crew will soon be on this new pad and Festus will have an even more difficult job keeping his herd together.

He spent 20 minutes, blocking traffic this morning, fiercely braying and refusing to move in-spite of all the honking and gesturing from the drivers.

Even for a donkey, this seemed to be unusually stubborn. The herd had already crossed and had disappeared in the mesquite. He wouldn’t budge.

He steadfastly held his ground until one little calf finally wandered out into the open.

Festus escorted him across the road to join the rest of the herd and the rig down continued.

You don’t hang out at our pad because we just aren’t in a destination location. Even the people who have to be here can’t wait to leave. And since you have to give us everything but your birth certificate to get in, it isn’t much of a party place.

On the rare times we get visitors, it’s a treat. We’ve had 5 in 5 months.

Today Kit and Jerry stopped by on their way back from Corpus. In Texas you don’t say Corpus Christi – you say Corpus. I have no idea why.

Their blog was very influential in getting us in this mess to give gate guarding a try. Since I’ve never done any on-line dating, I’m unaccustomed and a little leery of making friends via the computer. Kit and Jerry seem so nice in their blog...

They’re even nicer in person! It was great fun to finally meet! They brought us fresh fruit and water and even biscuits for Henry and treats for our guys. They did hang out at out pad for a couple of hours! Swell folks!

Tomorrow we move to a new pad. It’s 4.2 miles east of this one. I’m sure there’ll be many new lessons and many new tales, some taller than others.

We’ll be moving  closer to Smiley and to the dueling banjo road of dead pigs skinned and hung on fence posts. I told Heidi I’d take down the pictures and put pillows in the cabinets while she’s sleeping so I’d better get started.

Our new pad awaits. It doesn’t look like much now, but just wait until we get our 1997 Jeep and our water/diesel wagon and the giant green septic container in place. It’ll be one cool place to hang out then, man!

2 thoughts on “Pad Sweet Pad

  1. All day I’ve faced a barren waste
    Without the taste of water, cool water
    Old Dan and I with throats burned dry
    And souls that cry for water
    Cool, clear, water

    Keep a-movin, Dan, dontcha listen to him, Dan
    He’s a devil, not a man
    He spreads the burning sand with water
    Dan, can ya see that big, green tree?
    Where the water’s runnin’ free
    And it’s waitin’ there for me and you?

    The nights are cool and I’m a fool
    Each star’s a pool of water
    Cool water
    But with the dawn I’ll wake and yawn
    And carry on to water
    Water, water, water

    Keep a-movin, Dan, dontcha listen to him, Dan
    He’s a devil, not a man
    He spreads the burning sand with water
    Dan, can ya see that big, green tree?
    Where the water’s runnin’ free
    And it’s waitin’ there for me and you?

    Cool, clear, water
    Cool, clear, water

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