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I always liked Underdog.



I don’t know if I liked Underdog  because he was really The humble, lovable Shoeshine Boy or because he almost always spoke in rhymes like:

The secret compartment of my ring I fill, with an Underdog super energy pill.


I am a hero who never fails, I can’t be bothered with such details.

Or maybe I just like the concept. I’ve also always rooted for the underdog.

We have Underdogs here at the drill site. They’re called Worms.  All Worms are not  equal on a drill site.

For example, Bradley is Little John’s son and the group of guys he’s with have been together for a long time. They seem to have taken  him under their tattooed wings.

Bradley’s the quiet one, always smiling and texting in the back seat of the crew cab. As far as the life of a Worm on a well site goes, he probably has it better than most. He still gets the worst jobs, but the guys don’t pick on him much.

Trevor is a “city boy” straight from Dallas.

He turned 22  the same week the guys thought it was time for him to learn to skin a wild pig. This picture was taken shortly after the afore-mentioned event. He still looked a little pale, but pleased with himself.  I think it was a kind of ‘right of passage’ for him. Ron, who taught him ( this is Ron who brings me tarantulas in crock pots and snakes and kicks his scorpion filled slippers at me) said he did real good. They explained the whole process, including …  never mind, it’s not germain here and I don’t think you’d really want to know. I certainly still have a vivid mental image!

Sometimes the Worms quit, and it’s no wonder. They’re the greenest, usually the youngest, they’re the lowest on the pay scale and of course, they have to do whatever the guys tell them. It’s like being a Plebe in a Frat house except it goes on and on and on…

I was skeptical the day Chris arrived. He was so polite which I didn’t think would bode well for him. His tour was with the more ‘seasoned’ of our crews. He never complained but always looked really beat when he’d head to town (alone) after his shift. He survived the first week. I didn’t really expect to see him again, but he came back a second time and a third.

We talked a little each day. Around the end of his third tour, I asked him how it was going. He said it was getting better, they’d let him eat lunch that day (for the 1st time). He’s back again tonight, and seems more than able to take whatever the guys dish out. I’m rooting for him. He’s a true underdog!

1st Man: [at end of each show] Look, up in the sky! It’s a plane!
2nd Man: It’s a bird!
Woman: It’s a frog!
1st Man: A frog?
Underdog: Not plane nor bird nor even frog. It’s just little old me…
[sound of crash off camera]
Underdog: Heh-heh, Underdog.

3 thoughts on “Underdogs

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  2. Wonderful insight into “Underdogs” who are everywhere, even drill sites. I respect all of ’em young & old. BTW Debbie, ever see any ladies workin’ the rigs?? Thanks for the human interest story. As gate guarders, ‘ya get to see the tired faces and bodies each day & nite. Great story line!

    • Tom – We don’t have any women on our rig, but our crews are pretty set. except for a rare fie/’hire/quit, We did have 1 woman, a geologist – Emily – who’s just out of college. She works for Weatherford and comes in once we have samples to examine. I believe she’s in Oklahoma now. It’s understandably uncomfortable for her being the only woman on the sites. I’ve seen 2 female semi drivers and about fourth of our sales reps are female. It’s pretty much ‘a man’s world’.:)
      http://pinkydefeatsthebrain.blogspot.com/ (this is the link to Emily’s blog) Really has a lot of information that I don’t understand! 😉

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