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Snake or Worm? Can You Tell by the Smell?

I’m just asking because I have a little wager going on with Billy and Chris. If I lose, I’ll have to give them more DUM DUM Pops (courtesy of Kit and Jerry). If I win, well, I’ll get the satisfaction of being right about something here in the Wild Kingdom of Texas. I’m sure they’ll get all the Pops they want either way. It’d just be a moral victory for me.

This is definitely an audience participation post.


Here’s how it went. The guys came in for their new tour around 1 am.

Chris is the Worm on the bottom of the Underdogs post.

Billy is a character.

They got in pretty late but still were feeling lively.

Billy said: “You’ve got yourself a little snake there.”

Because if it was Billy, I thought he was kidding, but no, I did have myself a little something.

It looked like a skinny night-crawler, moved like a snake and smelled like rotten eggs, or worse. Since I was in the process of writing the Underdogs post about Worms when they pulled up, I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of it.

It wasn’t. I caught it, twice.

Of course it was squirmy and I didn’t have my camera so I had to bring it inside, where, I’m not kidding, it made the whole room smell like rotten eggs, or worse. I keep saying that because that’s the worst smell I can think of at the moment and it smelled worse.

It’s actually amazing anything that small, 10-12 inches, could smell that awful! I had to wash my hand about 11 times to get the scent off.

Anyway, I got the camera, took the slithery thing back outside, took pictures and watched him slink away to live to grow bigger another day. With no visible sign of a mouth, it sure looked like a worm to me. The guys still maintained that it was a snake. (I do think they were slightly impressed that I picked it up. ) So, here’s a picture.

What do you say, baby snake or worm? I’m thinking a worm that crawled through, or came from, something really nasty? Can Texas worms slither like lightning across a hard pack road?

I Googled Smelly Worms and Smelly Snakes.

There seem to be a wide variety of both. So cast your vote – my reputation as a worm handler is on the line.

I don’t think this looks at all like a snake. But then, I’ve never seen a newborn snake.

I have to say, though, that  in the Midwest, the worms were a lot slower.

13 thoughts on “Snake or Worm? Can You Tell by the Smell?

    • LOL John! That helps a little. 😉 although it doesn’t get me out of Dum Dum debt (which, by the way, the guys call Popcicles?) I shouldn’t have taken on the pros: if it moves like a snakes, looks like a worm and smells horrible, it’s a snake!

    • John – lol! I’m afraid I owe them a whole handful of DIM DUMS – which for some reason, they call Popsicles! In the Midwest, Popsicles are frozen but, maybe it’s too hot for those kind of Popcicles down here! So anyway, now I have my answer: if if looks like a worm, moves like a snake and smells awful, it’s a Texas blind snake! I should have known better than to argue with the pros!

    • “Their diet consists primarily of termite and ant larvae.” No wonder he smelled so bad! Another mystery solved. Thanks. Guess I’m still just a Yankee – but a brave one! 😉

  1. You LOSE, that is a Leptotyphlops dulcis. Also known as a ‘Texas Blind Snake’ . EGADS,
    I can’t believe you brought a snake in your bus. I would have the creeps for days if not for years. eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

      • I got bit by a water moccasin when I was a small child. (about 5) I was swimming in a pond and he swam after me and bit my toe. My mom found me after my horse came home w/o me and they had to rush me to the hospital. They said my temp went up to 105, (that’s probably what’s wrong with me today) and had to put me in a bathtub full of ice. I dont like snakes and never will, not even SMALL ones.

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