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The Red Eyed Devil

I had an encounter tonight with a new Texas nemesis: The Red Eye Devil.

I kept seeing these giant antennae, sticking out above the stop sign. I boldly went out to take pictures. Wow, that truly was one big grasshopper!

I Googled it.  Some call it a Texas Giant Grasshopper but most call it THE RED EYED DEVIL! The Neobarrettia Spinosa is actually a katydid. Sounds so innocuous doesn’t it, katydid?

Behavior: Omnivorous katydid that will rear up in a formidable display if disturbed.

No doubt. I know most things on the other side of the RV door want to bite or sting or charge or eat me, but I didn’t know I needed to be wary of grasshoppers, too. Here’s just one of many accounts I found on-line. Most were from in or near Gonzales county (where we are). This one is just a county away:

I live in Cistern, TX. (Fayette county) which is also just down the road from  Gonzales counties. I also have three of these (Texas giant grasshoppers/Katydids) in three different jars. I started out with one in one jar and then caught 2 more. I put these 2 together in another jar. One proceeded to attack the other one and almost bit its abdomen in half. I promptly separated them but the third is not doing so well. Also when I caught the first one it latched on to my calloused farm boy thumb. She sank her jaws in deep and actually drew blood.

Vampire grasshoppers – no kidding!

Anyway, the light that illuminated the RED EYED DEVIL, also attracted a huge array of everything is bigger in Texas bugs. The June Bugs don’t know it’s July and swarmed around the glow. One hitched a ride to my backside, unbeknownst to me, and came right on inside the RV with me.. I instantly heard him buzzing and bouncing off the walls. Then I heard a THUD but I couldn’t see him.

I did feel him however, as he began flying around inside my t-shirt. I don’t know quite how this happened?

I’m substituting another picture of my RED EYED DEVIL,  rather than pictures of this actual event.

I don’t like bugs in general.

I don’t wear them gracefully.

I was working. I had the door shut and the shades down. Still, I didn’t feel like it was really right to rip off my shirt. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do it.

I’d barely recovered when a semi came rumbling up to the stop sign.

It said K/C Livestock on the side? Looks like a mud truck to me but with the size of the Katydids here, he could be picking up just about anything!

And about that June bug. It was big, but it could have been worse. I might have had to take off my skin, too, if this Texas-sized beetle bug had started flying around in my shirt!

If you decide to take a trip to Gonzales county, my advice would be to refrain from catching the RED EYED DEVILS to put in jars,  and to keep your shirt tucked in…

8 thoughts on “The Red Eyed Devil

  1. I moved the lights as far from the stop sign as I could. They get caught in my hair. Which is why I wear a scarf.
    Don’t you hate that your skin is crawling for days afterwards??!!!
    I was wondering….
    about the ethics of getting a can of raid and spraying the
    lights at midnight. Heeeeheeeehehehe.

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