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Corny Sunday Funnies

I’ll finish up the Joe series with some gate guarding Pros next time. But in light of yesterday’s pretty intense post, and in keeping with the old-fashioned Sunday funnies I thought I’d share something a fellow gate guard sent to me (thanks Penny)! It seems appropriate since I think it’s hot just about everywhere right now. Corny, I know.

Stay safe, and be cool!

6 thoughts on “Corny Sunday Funnies

  1. Debbie: Enjoyed the “Corny” funny!
    Saw on ABC World News tonite that Texas is in their 3rd worst drought ever. NO need to tell you folks that.Sure hope you got the MH battereis you ladies needed and that you two are ok,Be safe and hydrate.

    • Tom – I feel so sorry for the ranchers. They’re selling off their cattle. Not only have the ponds dried up, but everything else along with them. Our rancher says that according to his range gauge, we’ve had 2 inches of rain since September of 2010. It has rained a little bit around us, but not here. It was 104 today – no idea what the heat index was -sometimes it’s better not to know. 🙂
      Thanks for asking – we did get the batteries replaced. Heidi was a real trooper as we once again have no air conditioning in the Jeep for the trip to buy new ones in Seguin.
      It was so hot inside without the air that I stood outside while she worked on it, just to cool off! 😀 (I’m a real great help when it comes to anything mechanical)
      It’s hot here, but our friends down south have it worse (of course, so do the guys on the rig). Now that the sun has set, the temps have dropped down to 100!

  2. Great idea Debbie! That is way too funny. I’m going to have to print that and put it on my fridge and pass it around. That’s all I’ve seen for the past four days is corn fields endlessly.

    • Cathy, even a corn field would be a hallucination down here. 2 inches of rain in 10 1/2 months! Glad you enjoyed it! Makes me miss good old Iowan corn on the cob!

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