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Joe Series – The End

Well, folks, I think that about wraps it up for my Gate Guard series. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of gate guarding stories, because for now, at least, Gate Guards Are Us! 😀

For example, it was 105 today. A mobile RV repair man drove 100 miles to diagnose our we just killed the three brand new batteries we paid $287 for problem. We have a fried converter. We should have a new one in a few days (and yes, we have a triple charger now).

It only took a day of no power to the frig  to sour the milk and melt the ice cream. As a matter of fact, everything melted. Armed with a hair dryer and towel, I unstuck the bags of ice cubes and hamburgers and ice packs and 1 sorry little package of peanut M&M’s from the freezer.

That’s RV living some days. I looked at the empty freezer and thought how great it was that I started a diet 2 weeks ago. Then, about an hour later, Kenneth, one of our Company Men from Lantern 16 who didn’t go to Louisiana, returned to this site after his two weeks off. He stopped to say hi and that he would be sending more ribeye steaks our way. I guess the freezer won’t be empty long. 🙂 That’s gate guard living a lot of days.

~ You’re coming into focus, kid! ~

I don’t know if this series has helped bring things into focus for you or not? I hope so. Feel free to continue to write if you have specific (or general) questions that I haven’t covered here. What I don’t know, which is quite a bit, some other gate guard may.

It’s a wonderful job, but it’s not for everyone. I’ve tried to highlight the most common drawbacks and the perks – both from my perspective and that of many other gate guards. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re finding that Life is Good and that you’re enjoying some adventures in your journey.

One final clip from Joe vs the Volcano. My son used to sing this song in a quartet in high school. Now he has a lovely wife and a 2 year old daughter and he just became the father of a little boy about 3 hours ago.

Welcome to the world Sam! It’s very big! There’s so much to learn every single day. You’re going to love it!


10 thoughts on “Joe Series – The End

  1. Thank you so much for this very informative series. My husband,adult son, and I are checking into the whole idea of gate guarding. They would actually be doing the work while I take care of the rig and feed them and help out where I can. I’m still in the process of reclaiming my energy after being ill this past year. I wonder if you have any thoughts on 3 adults on the job.

    We have experienced West Texas before, having lived in El Paso for several years a lifetime ago and having Workamped at the caverns of Sonora in 2007. We actually love remote areas and have opted for various Workamping jobs where we are on our own many times since we began in 2004. I think I have the provisioning down pat.

    if you return to the series again, could you perhaps mention some of the little things that the rest of us might bring along to make it easier or more comfortable? Some other blogs make it sound like you really need a moving van to haul all the things you need on site.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    Marcie and 2 Jims

    • Marcie – Could it be that you’re the Marcie and Jim (and Jim) that workamped in Gold Beach?!? If not, it’s wildly ironic that we grew to love a Marcie and Jim at Turtle Rock who had a son named Jim!
      Anyway, to respond to your comments:
      I’m so sorry to year you’ve been sick and I hope you’re recovering well. I think having 3 people work together – as long as you all 3 can stand living together in a fairly small space – would be brilliant!
      One of the drawbacks to the job is coordinating sleeping with shopping, laundry etc.. For most of us, we only have a few hours when both people are awake. You’re often placed as far as an hours’ drive from a good grocery or Walmart. If you figure 2 hours round trip driving time and a hour for shopping, or 2 for laundry, by the time you get home, the other person needs to go to bed.
      Since you know West Texas, you know how incredibly hot it can be in the summer. Having an extra person to share the particularly hot days would be great!

      We haven’t purchased anything new for gate guarding that we didn’t already have full- timing it. Some people do buy canopy’s to set up outside. After the wild winds we had here last summer and the 3 years of wind on the Oregon coast, we just don’t have the energy to set it up and take it down. We have a large retractable awning, so that works for us.

      GGS supplies all of our equipment and takes excellent care of keeping the generator, lights etc… in good condition.
      I guess the only thing we did buy (besides a new 4 season RV, we nearly froze last winter) was a ton of plastic bins to combat the mouse invasion we had in the fall.
      Heidi and I are all about keeping it simple (we’re also broke 😉 ) so we haven’t found the need to buy anything else.
      If you have more questions, please feel free to email me:branson.debbie@gmail.com.
      I’d love to hear what you decide!
      And if you’re the Marcie that I know – I miss you and I’m so sorry we lost touch. Mike and Casey are coming to visit next week!
      Say ‘hi’ to Jim, whether I know him or not! 😉

    • Hey there JoJo! We miss you. Just got an update from TJ – Nope, we’re moving 4 or 5 miles closer to Smiley! 😀 He also said 17 should be coming this week or next. Looks like you’re going to be a busy guy if you have 3 and 12 and 17!

    • Tom – thanks for the link. That was so thoughtful of you. We just got word this evening that we’re moving to Wharton Friday or Saturday – about 45 miles from the coast. Doesn’t look like great timing does it? Thanks again! Debbie

  2. Thanks so much for the series…it’s really helped answer some of our questions. We’re hoping to head to Texas in September to get started.

    • Thanks for reading, Diane. Feel free to write to me anytime if you have other questions. My email is listed in the About section. Please let me know when you get to Texas. I’d love to hear where you end up and what you think of the job! ~Debbie
      PS – Your dogs are adorable! 😀

  3. Congratulations! How wonderful! Thanks for your stories, I look forward to them every morning. My husband does the night thing and I am the day girl. It will be a week not tomorrow and boy is there alot going on. Keeps us hopping…no time to get board. Take care and hugs to Sam!

    • 😀 Thanks!
      Wow! One week down! Good for you! It gets easier once you know the guys and have some idea of what’s a cement truck and what’s a mud truck etc… (you probably already know that – I was kind of a slow learner since I didn’t even know the difference between 2 and 4 axles!) Take care and thanks for keeping in touch!

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