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It Was Just Kind of One of Those Days

Not necessarily a bad day, but just one of those days… I’ve had egg on my face, milk on the walls, another beetle in my shirt, scorpions on my shoes, someone tried to go phishing in my Facebook account and Moses came but didn’t stay.

My day started with strangest dreams. I must have been extra tired because I slept so hard I had a line down my left cheek all afternoon and my right arm and hand were so numb I couldn’t pick up my coffee cup for 20 minutes. I slept so hard I didn’t even hear the semi that came within about 8 inches of hitting the RV.

As all gate guards and semi drivers will be quick to tell you – there’s an amazing difference in the skill level of drivers. We have a huge approach to this site so I’m thinking this fella may have had some bad dreams, too. He certainly gave Heidi some!

When I finally woke up and had mainlined a little coffee, Heidi headed to town to buy, what is most likely recycled water, at the used grocery store and to check out our next site, about 8 miles from here. She must have found the right spot because there’s no pad, no  room for us and no trees.

Anyway, when Heidi got into the Jeep around 4, the external temperature registered 118 – I can’t imagine how hot it was inside that Jeep. Poor Heidi. It had cooled down to 108 by the time she got back with the water.

I didn’t think to take a picture then, but did take one when I thought it was hot two days ago. The forecast for tomorrow (Wednesday) is 107, so at least it’s cooling off. It’s supposed to be down to 104 by the weekend.

I’m wondering if the heat does something to the plastic seams of gallon jugs (like melt the glue?) because as Heidi handed me the water, two of the 10 jugs started spraying out the sides. I poured most of one in Henry’s water dish and into the pitcher in the frig and the other into big glasses and cups, with the remaining spraying around the room and running down my arms.

While I was’ transferring’ the water, I looked over to see that the milk, too, was bursting at the seams, spraying like a sprinkler around the kitchen, dining room and living room (it’s a small RV).  😉  I was out of containers so I grabbed a mixing bowl and poured what was left of the milk into it and began the first of several clean ups to come.

I looked down and realized that I’d been wearing my t-shirt inside out all day. I reversed it and fried an egg (on the stove, although the hood of the Jeep would have been quicker).When I got the eggs out of the frig, I bumped an apple which rolled out, bounced into Henry’s food dish, scattering dog food everywhere and coming to rest in his newly filled water bowl.

Cleaning up again, I decided to add ham to the egg and make a sandwich (I don’t see any correlation either, but that’s what happened). While eating my egg sandwich, I became distracted by Henry’s persistent high alert warning ( a little growl and a lot of ears) as the cows approached.

Not watching what I was eating and trying to reassure Henry, I got egg on my chin, which dribbled down my neck onto my, freshly washed  in the non-air-conditioned laundry mat, t-shirt. If I’d left it wrong side out, I would have been OK.

I cleaned myself up – more or less and turned on the computer to an alert saying that I’d been locked out of my Facebook account because an “unauthorized user was attempting to access it from an unknown device”. OK, now this one is really pretty funny since, as I’ve posted before, I have a very short list of Facebook friends and I’m a remarkably uninteresting FBer. Facebook sent me a map pinpointing the spot in northern Illinois where someone was trying to go ‘phishing’ in my account. Believe me, there’s nothing to catch there. They’d get about the same results as they would if they went  phishing in my bank account. 😀

I changed my password, checked my g-mail and lost internet signal 3 times in 10 minutes. I took this as a sign that I should read. I sat down, trying to remember the plot, but I had trouble focusing. I couldn’t figure out why it seemed extra dark until I realized I hadn’t turned on the outside flood lights.

When I turned on the lights, I felt a colony of what I thought were those big Texas beetles scurrying over my feet. Have I mentioned that I really don’t care much for bugs? This time I had other visitors: a cyclone of scorpions (that really is what a group of scorpions is called).

There was one still walking in circles by the time I got my camera and went back out.

At least they didn’t get inside my eggy shirt, although some beetley bug did. I finally got him out but I’ve been feeling phantom beetles all night. Forget the heat, I’m about ready to switch to turtlenecks!

And for the past 3 hours I’ve regretted drinking so much coffee since each foray, even towards the bathroom, has resulted in instant traffic.

It’s almost midnight now. About 11:30, Moses came through the gate. I thought this might be a good sign. But apparently, even Moses gets lost in this Texas wilderness. He’s already off to find a different rig. It was just kind of one of those days.


8 thoughts on “It Was Just Kind of One of Those Days

  1. Got up early this morning as we had a very busy day ahead of us. Of course I read your post first thing and yoy scared me. I almost went back to bed and pulled the covers over my head. I was afraid your day was catching. I must admit I would have loved to been a little mouse and watched it!! LOL

    • Jill – you always make me laugh! Doesn’t it just make you SO glad to be home and not still in Texas for a few months! I’m not sure my natural proclivity towards clumsiness and the realities of this environment are particularly complimentary! 😉

  2. Hello, this is Tom…got your link from a friend of your friend…LOL. We just finished a gate guarding job in N. Texas and I was wondering who you worked for and what location you were at currently. We also did one in Carrizo Springs (waay S. Texas in June). Email me at: atrailljr@gmail.com. Thanks.

    • Tom – we’ve been with Gate Guard Services from the start. We haven’t left Gonzales county since January. We follow a rig so we just keep bumping around between Nixon and Smiley. Moving again this Friday. My thanks to your friend of a friend. 😀 My e mail is listed in the about section if you have more comments or questions. Thanks for reading! ~ Debbie

    • Cuz – Way more clumsy than rugged. As you always say “It is what it is” so I try to find humor wherever I can. (sometimes things are a little funnier after the fact that at the moment) 😉

    • Diane – I got pretty close to him with the camera, so he’s probably not as big as he looks (maybe 3 inches). I have mesh tennis shoes so I could feel them crawling all over my feet. That was a little creepy! 😉

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