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Moving Day – A Day in Pictures

First, I want to thank all of you who voted in yesterday’s poll. If you haven’t, would you? It’s anonymous and only takes a second. Here’s the link: What type of RV do you recommend? I’ll keep it open for a week. I also really appreciate everyone’s comments and hope you’ll continue to add more. So far, the 5th wheelers have taken the lead, 60% – 40%. It was just the opposite yesterday afternoon. It’s a big decision and I take all of your input seriously. Please continue to vote and write. Thanks so much, Debbie

We moved again yesterday – 8 1/2 miles. It was seamless. No antenna got crushed by the slide, no dishes fell out of the cabinet.  With the 3 new batteries, we didn’t have to pull the living room in by hand and the steps actually went in and out as requested.

This is kind of hard to see because Heidi took the picture out the Jeep window, using her cell phone. That’s Henry and I on the road again in the RV.

Tator showed up at 6:45 to move us (even though we’d told GGS 7:30). The earlier the better in this heat. It’s just that it doesn’t start getting light until 6:30 and if you’ve lived here – or follow Fork, you know that there are a lot of things that hide in the dark you don’t want to pick up accidentally – even with gloves.

Our new gate, which is typical for around here, doesn’t have a gate. As has been the case at 6 of the last 7 sites, we’re on land that is in a pool (wells often cross ranches). We found out this morning that our vet is part owner of this one and lives across the road. Nice guy and it could be really fortuitous for us if Henry has a run in with something with fangs.

We moved and were all set up, vacuumed and dusted by 9:00. This is our 7th or 8th move in under 8 months (I’m starting to lose track) so maybe we’re getting it down! I hope so, because Lantern 17 is due up here within a week, which mean another move – another 8 or 10 miles.

This is what it looked like when we arrived (except for our air hose).

Moving day for us is always tough on the day person. Heidi checked in and out just under 200 trucks in 7 hours.

For the night person, it means all 200 of those trucks rumbled and rang about 10 feet the bedroom window. I’ll sleep better tomorrow.

This is the Company Man’s trailer – the digs aren’t luxurious but it’s hard to beat the pay!

Once the trucks start rolling in, things take shape quickly.

By the way, that little hat box to the left of the light is a Winegard GM-MP1 satellite system for our Direct TV. If you don’t have a built-in dish with your unit, these are super!

We got a kick out of this guy. What looks like water pouring over the side of the truck is caliche. I’ve never seen a driver sweep his truck bed on a site before. It was spotless when he got done. Amazing!

Most of Lantern 3 made it by sunset,  just not the derrick. That’ll come in the morning, probably just when I’m falling asleep. It hit 107 degrees this afternoon, which may have slowed things down just a little.

As the sun sets on another day in the life of a south Texas gate guard, I’m grateful for another very good day. I hope yours was, too!


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