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Rigging Up – A Pictorial (2)

After spending 3 hours trying to make a slide show, I’m giving up. I’m afraid you’ll have to keep on scrolling – which rhymes with rolling – which is what we’ll be doing this morning. After a month and a day with Lantern 3, we’ll be moving 10 miles to Smiley to re-join one of our former Company Men who’s bringing up Lantern 17, a horizontal drilling rig  from Louisiana.

Maybe we’ll stay with17 until we retire?  Hmm… When I went to bed yesterday morning, I didn’t know we were moving today so it’s not likely! You just never know in this business. 😀

We’ve been at this site for 4 days. I still have some interesting (I think) shots of rigging up here at Lantern 3, so I’ll continue to post them for the next few days.

Everyone  is lined up and waiting to unload, which didn’t happen for another day.

The whole process is, of course interesting to the locals. While no one (except the owners) is allowed inside the gate, we do get a lot who stop to watch from the road!


I don’t know about you, but there’s something about the position this guy’s in that makes me kind of uncomfortable. He survived, though!

I believe this is called a ditch witch – JoJo – you can correct me if I’m wrong.












The night ended with some real tired guys heading home. These three are characters. Jared (driving) is the son of a preacher back in Idaho. Cheyenne and Dakota (brothers) say their Momma watched too many westerns. 😀 Stay safe, guys. It was great fun getting to know you!


They left as the next group arrived. A couple of guys are  from east Texas and the rest are from Arkansas. It’s a long commute to work  from Arkansas: 11 1/2 hours, which means they spend 2 of their 7 days off, driving.

More tomorrow.

All lit up but still down

All lit up but still down.


6 thoughts on “Rigging Up – A Pictorial (2)

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  3. Yes it is a ditch witch. If you get this before you see me send me directions in an e-mail please. I drove to smiley but the directions TJ gave me were wrong.

  4. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. We are too far away from the action at our rig, so the photos are nice. I think you are right about the Ditch Witch because that’s what David told me it was called when I asked him what’s that thing that looka like a giant chain saw blade? LOL

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