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Hot New Exercise Trends

Hot New Exercise Trends. If you’re working as a gate guard in anywhere in Texas, you know that any exercise you do (like going up and down the 3 steps into your RV 75 times a day) will be hot, if not trendy. Many of you have written, asking about my exercise routine. Before choosing the best program, I did some research. I had to eliminate a few as not currently practical for me.

These are the latest and greatest exercise trends in the US according to the Fitness Health Zone:

1. Pole Dancing

In the past few years a trend in fitness has taken over the nation and fitness clubs everywhere and this trend is pole dancing. Yes pole dancing! Private clubs and public gyms are offering pole dancing classes as a fitness class as well as private studios.

2. Zumba

The idea behind Zumba is you are doing different dance routines throughout the hour so you literally don’t realize how hard you are working or, in some cases, how much pain you are in.

3. Boot Camp

Boot camp is exactly what it sounds like. Boot Camp! It’s not just for the military anymore it has now invaded your gyms and workout facilities across the country. Boot camp can be run many different ways however one of the most common ways is for participants to grab a multitude of ‘props’ before class.

4. PX90

PX90 is the latest trend in fitness. PX90 is a series of DVDs that you purchase and do at home in your own time. Equipment for the PX90 workout program consists of a chin up bar, push up stand, push up bar, resistance bands, a yoga mat and yoga blocks among other items.

5. Spinning

While spinning has been around for decades it is now making huge breakthroughs into mainstream gyms as a very popular way to burn hundreds upon hundreds of calories.  There are many reasons spinning has finally made a breakthrough into the top 5 fitness programs in the country.

6. Caliche Clogging!

In the past few years, a trend in fitness has taken over the gate guarding world and drill sites everywhere and this trend is caliche clogging. Yes caliche clogging!

Caliche Clogging has been around for decades, but is making a huge breakthrough in farms and ranches all across Texas. This is a workout program you can do at home, anytime. With the oil industry requiring gate guards at the most remote of locations,  ankle-deep in caliche abounds – creating the perfect environment for the Caliche Clogging workout program, now sweeping across the state! As an added bonus, the CC routine is absolutely free!

Harkening back to those warm childhood memories of riding those poor ponies, plodding inhumanely in circles around a stanchion, today’s active gate guard briskly walks in a tight circles (staying inside the flood lights and remaining between the air hoses at all times). Caliche Clogging can be done many different ways,  however one of the most common ways is for participants to grab their pen and log sheets before leaving the RV. This multi-tasking exercise routine not only strengthens sinuses and calves but also increase hand-eye coordination as you record traffic while on the go.

The idea behind Caliche Clogging at night is that you are so busy walking in circles and recording traffic that you literally don’t realize how afraid you are or, in some cases, how much danger you are in.

OK, number 6 wasn’t actually in the article, but trendsetter that I am, I’m certain it’s just a question of time before the Fitness Health Zone sees its unique draw. As appealing as each of the first 5 may be, it’s hard to beat Caliche Clogging for a real test of endurance and courage.

13 thoughts on “Hot New Exercise Trends

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  2. Too,too funny Debbie! We really shouldn’t grin. I’m sure the Tejas heat and Caliche don’t mix.
    But Caliche clogging. Thats funny. As you might know, Clogging is pretty big here in Utah!
    Stay safe & hydrated ladies!

  3. DIET and EXERCISE, Yuck!!!! I feel like I have been trying both all my life. I remember high school lunches of carrot and celery sticks, rye krisp crackers and black coffee! It is definitely not fair that some people struggle to gain weight while we go crazy trying to loose it!! I wish I could donate some of my many extra pounds!!!!!!

    • Sis – I’d just blame it on my jeans and forget it, if I could get into my jeans! 😉
      PS – I”d forgotten all about rye krisp crackers – that’s a blast from the past!

  4. I am amazed at your creativity. I mean the writing, not the clogging. I know the clogging was inspired by desperation, but the writing…. I’m impressed.

  5. Don’t forget to add the exercise of scrubbing down in the shower after a caliche coating. Now the going around in circles is absurd. After age 50 I didn’t think it was possible without getting so dizzy you spin for hours later. Whoa. I’m trying not to get dizzy just thinking about it.

    Happy caliche clogging you crazy cat. 😀

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