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And the Winner is…

I enjoy all aspects of it, I don’t have a preference for any medium. I think each of them has its attractions and I would hope they each inform the other in some way. ~ Cillian Murphy
Clearly, this quote is taken entirely out of context. I don’t know what the context was, but I’m guessing he was talking about acting roles and not RVs.
Still, it does seem to largely come down to preferences and perspective, doesn’t it?
Thank you to all you who voted in the : Your RV of Choice for Full-timing poll.
Final results were: 5th Wheel 0 53.13%  and Motorhome 46.88%.  I don’t quite get these percentages since they equal 100.01%, but I’m sure you math folks do.
I’ll try to summarize the pluses and minuses (the ones I understood)
+ Plus for a 5th wheel
No engine worries (or at least only one, not two engines to worry about)
More interior room
Feels more like ‘an apartment’ and less like a ‘bus’
Doesn’t look like Dumbo, ready to take flight
Easier to gas up the truck than pull all the way through w/ a motorhome
Easy to tow
– Minus for a 5th wheel
Hard to back up
Hard to park in tight spaces
Hard to tow – too much weight for truck
Hard to unhitch and hitch up for quick departures

I guess it does look a little like Dumbo...

+Plus for a Motorhome
No need to stop for a restroom or sandwich break
Easy to tow car behind
Easy to move
Easy to park
– Minus for a Motorhome
Engine worries
Feels like a bus ‘with wings’
Bad gas mileage
Less livable space with engine casing and rarely used captain seats
In the end, most folks seemed to be happy with whichever they own; although there were several of you that would choose the other option, now that you’ve been full-timing for a while.
Thank you.
As always, I appreciate and value your input! You know what they say:
Home is where the heart is.

9 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

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      • Fangs? Wow. It looks so cute! And it looks like the front of your RV (door and windows) is set up perfect for GG’ing. Our door has a window that you cannot see out of, and the window is so low (under the top cabinet) that you practically have to stand on your head to see out of it. Oh well.

  3. Well, I am just sorry that I missed out on your pole! Drat! My wife and I have been full-timers for seven years and are just investigating the world of Gate Guarding. I haven’t caught up with your back posts yet, but I will–then I will flood you with questions!

    Hang in there!

    Mike Wilson

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