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Cure for the Blues – Red Shoes

Summertime blues. I think I have them.

Summers haven’t been the same since my Mom told me I had to wear a shirt, even though the boys didn’t. And of course, there were the shoes. A long time ago when I loved summer I wore red shoes with a red dot on the back.

It’s been summer in Texas since the middle of March.

The first day of FALL this year, officially, is 29 days away: September 23rd, the autumnal equinox. This is when the 24 hour day is split equally between day and night.

Or so they say. It remains to be seen if that’s how it really works here in Texas. I doubt it.

The first day of SPRING in 2012 is supposed to be March 20th. In the United States, yes. In Texas, we’ll see.

If I had to bet right now, I’d go for November 3rd for the first day of Fall in Texas and February 11 for the first day of Spring.

Winter, I predict, will begin December 17th. I’ve only been in Texas for 253 days, but who’s counting, so I may be off by a day or two.

I used to love summers when every day wasn’t 106 degrees. I loved summer when I wore red tennis shoes with a red dot on the back.

A long time ago when I loved summer, I lived where there was real grass and it was green (so was my house). And there were real trees in my yard: oak and birch and cherry and maple. And we went outside, on purpose, during the daytime!

We had picnics and company and went swimming and caught lightning bugs at dusk.


Me with one of my first boyfriends.


A long time ago when I loved summer, we would take exotic vacations to places like Michigan.



A long time ago when I loved summer, we would drive to the dunesΒ  and I played in the sand, which is not a thing like caliche. And sometimes I wore my shirt and sometimes I didn’t. But I always wore my red shoes with the red dot.


I don’t think summer has ever been as much fun since I started wearing my shirt and outgrew my red shoes. The shirt I’ve come to see as necessary. Possibly the cure for my summertime blues lies in the shoes. Do you think they sell Keds in a size 8 1/2 W that accommodate orthotics?



15 thoughts on “Cure for the Blues – Red Shoes

  1. What precious pictures Debbie. You were just adorable! I can see a sweet, lovable spirit in your little face. Your mom is standing so perfectly and pretty. Sounds like some very special memories, red shoes and all.

    • Chris – thanks for your kind words! I think I look like a little bit of trouble! Surprised my sister hasn’t jumped on that one yet! Maybe she hasn’t read this post! πŸ˜‰

  2. love this post. i remember asking my mom why i had to wear a shirt. don’t remember the answer, but i think she made me wear one.

  3. Great photos and wonderful memories! I grew up in California and we never went inside. I would get into trouble with my mom for not coming in for supper. I was a tom boy and loved to climb the tallest trees I could find and ride my bike forever. Loved the beach and Knots Berry Farm.
    You can buy keds and for the orthodics just a size larger….yes, virginia, there is a santa clause. haha Never give up that inner child, Debbie.
    And by the way, Alan Jackson is my favorite country singer/song writer, so thanks for the that.

    • Sue – LOL! I’ll probably just stick with my Nikes but I may add a red dot to the back! Just like you, I loved climbing trees and riding my bike. I LIVED outside although I don’t remember ever missing supper! πŸ˜€
      I didn’t realize you grew up in CA! I went to Knots Berry Farm when I was 6 and thought it was wonderful! My cousin lived in La Mirada and we could watch the nightly fireworks from Disneyland from their patio. I thought it was the most magical place ever!

  4. Oh did I love those red shoes!! I forgot all about them. My mom always got upset when my big toe wore through the canvas. My dad used to tell her it wasn’t my fault that my papa toe was always hungry and ate my shoes!! lol Thanks for the memory.

    Loved the pictures. Michigan looks much the same today. Your mom was a very pretty woman. You can tell it was in the late 50’s or early 60’s. She has a dress on. My mom never owned a pair of pants. I loved the pic with you with your hands crossed over your chest. It shows a bit of determination but with a beautiful smile.

    I think our good memories get us through some tough days. The temperature here is in the high 70’s with a breeze. Everything is a beautiful green with just a hint of Fall. We wish you and Heidi could share it with us

    Mr. A went and bought tires for our 350 dually yesterday. We may be back gate guarding earlier than planned!!

    • Jill – I was looking through the few slides I have scanned on the computer, and you’re right, my Mom was always in a dress back then. There’s one from Colorado where we’re having a picnic by this beautiful mountain stream in very rugged terrain. Not only did she fry chicken in an electric skillet at the campsite (no bologna for us) but she and my sister were both in dresses. Must have been around 60 or 61. I, of course, was wearing pants and my red shoes!:D
      Sure would love to be with you and Mr A in Michigan right now!
      You can’t come back too soon for me.Texas isn’t nearly as fun without you, but I’m glad you’re missing out on this heat. 106 predicted for the next 5 days!

  5. My dear there ARE red Keds. As a matter of fact several different red one including the original kind since something like 1913. There is no red dot on the back , they have a blue rectangle.

    Check it out! It was fun and brought memories. I just might have to get some withy new feet and all :D. Cute pics Debbie. You were even wearing a “vest like ” thing back then like you do now, oh yeah and look at the arm crossing…… Looks familiar. Funny

    • Cath – I think I was copying my boyfriend. As you can see, I didn’t really get the arm crossing thing quite right! πŸ˜‰ So what brand did have the red dot?

  6. The photo are soooo cute. My photos are all in storag at my daughter’s house and I miss them. I bet you CAN find some red shoes somewhere, but they may be hightops. We got another different generator on Sunday so we’re cool again.

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