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Thrill Seekers

I wasn’t going to write tonight because I knew I’d sound cranky.  But I’ve been watching the news and after the last interview I saw, I think I snapped a little.

Thrill Seekers. That’s what they call them. They’re on the jetty, on the water, and gathering in bars – to watch the thrill of destruction and devastation.

And unfortunately, they’re on TV. Some  jovially jeopardize not only their own lives but also the lives of the First Responders who attempt to rescue them. Some are just looking for a rush. I just saw an interview with of a group who were angry that  the casinos were closed in Atlantic City. They’d driven 15 hours straight in search of a thrill.

We’re angry! We’re adults. Our safety is our business. We’re winners and we came here to get double lucky: a win big at the tables and a chance to watch a big storm!

I don’t understand why the press gives them air time.

I just don’t get it, period. Have we really become so jaded that we need to watch havoc and chaos to get a rush? Maybe we’ve seen too many disaster movies or are we simply so saturated with tragedy that it no longer moves us?

By the time most of you read this, whatever is going to happen will have happened.

As I’m writing, 10 people have died and more than 3 million homes are without power.

My son, his wonderful wife, my 2 year old grand-daughter and my 1 month old grand-son live in New Jersey. I’m praying. But i would hope I would see this as a time to pray, not a time to party, whether I knew anyone on the coast or not.

If you want a thrill, ride a roller-coaster. Or better yet, donate to a disaster relief group that will be laboring to help folks recover from this storm. Help someone. Now that’s a real thrill.

12 thoughts on “Thrill Seekers

  1. Beautiful family Debbie.
    Very timely comments regarding the “thrill seekers”. Almost like so called Stormchasers. But at least they’re doing weather research?? Or mebbe star on Discovery Channel?
    Lets hope & pray death toll doesn’t rise. Stay safe you two.

    • Thanks, Tom! I’m anxious to meet my grand son… someday.
      They were very fortunate. They still have power even. so many weren’t.
      We’re hot – 112 today – but not as hot as the guys on the rig so all is well.
      ~ Debbie

    • Penny – It was 112 here today – but in light of all the problems on the coast, I’m swallowing my grumbling – temporarily… 😀
      ~ Debbie

    • Thanks, Jill. Just heard from Dan – they’re fine, which is a relief to my heart. But of course, so many are waking up to tremendous challenges. Heard from a fellow bloggers that everything, including her washer and dryer, are floating around and banging together in her basement – plus no electricity.

  2. I was telling Andy what a bunch of fools they all are just a bit ago. ( 5pm). Don’t let it get to you. I turned the channel and watched a movie and that made it much better. All these sound bites are just rehash after rehash, but they can’t help that their stupid. They live east of the Mississippi!

    • Miss K – I turn the TV off and on. I haven’t been able to get in touch with my son tonight so I keep checking to make sure NJ hasn’t gotten blown away or washed into the ocean. You know how it is with a mother’s heart… But you’re right, there is a lot of rehash.

      • if cell towers are down you may try sending him a text or email. sometime that works. I know he’s ok. don’t fret.

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