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Dial 211

You can dial 211 to reach Help in Texas. I thought about dialing it yesterday to report a potential cosmic disturbance but there isn’t a category for that in their index.

It was 211 112 (same difference) degrees here yesterday. It’s supposed to get down to 106 today. This seems to have caused a serious atmospheric shift. I’ll get to that in a minute.

I realize that those of you who live in vacations spots like Lake Havasu City, AZ wouldn’t blink at 112. Just another day in paradise. I remember reading that Lake Havasu City has the hottest average summer temperatures in the US. I Googled it just to check – and yep – it’s hot there.

I had to smile at the info that popped up on Google:

Arizona Vacation Spots – Unique Vacation Ideas – Lake Havasu City

Have an Arizona vacation with affordable hotels, condos and rentals. The ideal spot for family fun vacations, Lake Havasu offers sunny skies

Climate data for Lake Havasu City AZ
Month Jun Jul Aug
Record high °F (°C) 128
Average high °F (°C) 106.3
Daily mean °F (°C) 91.7
Average low °F (°C) 77.0
Record low °F (°C) 60

Well, yes, I can see the uniqueness of vacationing someplace where the average temperature is 111. The reason is lost on me, but not the uniqueness.

If any of you are reading this in Lake Havasu City, please don’t take offense or send hate mail. I’m one of those few odd ones who really, really doesn’t like hot weather. That’s why I moved from the beautiful Oregon coast where it never got over 75 to Texas.

Anyway, back to the cosmic disturbance. Did you see the reports about the earthquake last week where dogs and lemurs knew it was coming and got upset moments, or in the lemurs case, hours in advance?

Something like that happened here yesterday when the temperature began climbing.

It started with Henry who was insistent on making constant eye contact. No matter what I bribed him with, he was continued to stand on my neck and put his nose about an inch and a half from mine.

He didn’t say anything, but I could tell he knew something was amiss.

Then there were the calves who were determined to get on TV.

I missed my shot of Heidi throwing her red mixing bowl of water on them. She was a blur. About the time one would leave, two more would take his place.

She splashed them until they left for dryer pastures – which is just about anywhere.

But Henry still wasn’t settled.

He continued the stare down as the temperature climbed. Before long the ground began to shake.

I thought, possibly, it had simply gotten so hot that it was cracking up, just like the rest of us in the deep south (that’s what the call this on TV).

Remember my alien weeds? They continue to survive and thrive (as you can see in the above photos). Most of them now tower over us.

That may give you some perspective on what, combined with the 112 degree temps caused to the earth to shake as he grazed directly outside our door. I thought poor Henry was going to burst a bark, but he just kept the stare down going.

To say this a whole lot of bull would be grossly understating things.

To say the earth shook isn’t even an exaggeration.

To say that it was a heat related, cosmic event might be stretching it a little.

To say that Heidi wouldn’t move off the top step to take the pictures would be to make fun of her bolvinaphobia.

Heidi wouldn’t move off the step to take pictures.

She gave me very specific instructions:  keep an eye on Henry and a hand on the door so I could swing it shut behind her if he charged.

To say the Brahma was completely indifferent would be completely true.

Maybe today when it’s only 106, the earth will stop trembling and we’ll let Henry out to dampen the caliche… maybe…


14 thoughts on “Dial 211

  1. Bob – what was I thinking – it’s Texas! Of course it’s not coller!
    Temp inside the RV on the 112 day was around 82. It only made it to 105 today so we could keep it comfortable – probably around 78. We often run both air conditioners until the sunsets. At night, we usually just run the air in the bedroom. I only kick it on out here if for a few minutes if it starts getting too hot. It’s down to 96 at 9 pm so much more comfortable. We do have 50 amp with dual air, I can’t imagine doing it with a single 30!
    ~ Debbie

  2. Hey gals,

    Why don’t y’all drop in at the feed store or Tractor Supply and pick up an electric fence to keep the bovidae at bay? The are easy to set up– itty bitty posts, a few insulators and the controller box. Set it high enough for the dogs to run under and write it off as a business expense. Bet you could do it for less than a Benjamin all in and you can easily store it away for future use when you are done there. Just a thought……

    • Andy – I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that I would never have thought of that in a million years. 😀
      Great idea! Thank you!
      ~ Debbie

      • Debbie,
        It is really simple and ultra-portable. The wire is not like barbed wire- it is smooth and very pliable. Just run it through the insulators that clip on the little posts and plug it in. I think I would tell the ranch mgr I was going to do it. Heck, he might even have a set up you could borrow.

    • Andy – Looks like we’re moving the end of the week. Expect we’ll still be in a pasture – time will tell if we have curious calves! Thanks again for the suggestion. Sure will keep it in mind.

  3. Nice to see that you Ladies are getting along with the heat and te cows. I am still fighting the net somtime I can get on and sometimes not..and if it is a page that I have to sign in to almost never do I make it. Take care and I will keep trying down here in the Catarina Heat.

    • Hey there Luke! I have to admit, the day it hit 112 I signed into Workamper on line and looked at coastal jobs! But, all is well. So sorry about your internet difficulties. Miss hearing from you.
      Y’all take care down there!
      ~ Debbie

  4. This post describes exactly how the heat is effecting me. I’ve lived in Texas for 31 years and I don’t like this heat anymore than you do.

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