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I’m Alive!

As the drought and heat continues here in Smiley, Texas, I’m beginning to get uneasy on my early morning walks. There used to be a buzzard or two circling in the distance. Then a few began to gather in the trees on the other side of the giant alien weeds.

Then there were more. Now there are many.

I counted 34 yesterday morning. They’re restless. I can sense it. I can feel their beady eyes on me as I walk. I stopped to take a picture and the fluttering began.

I knew I’d stood still too long.

I went back into the RV and changed out of my plain black t-shirt into a bright orange Life is Good shirt with a purple coffee mug, begging Fill Me Up!

Uncertain if this was animated enough I began walking up and down the road, shouting verbosely: I’m alive! I’m alive!

Heidi joined me for some early morning caliche clogging. We’re about a half a mile from the rig so I continued my I’m alive chant with growing enthusiasm (she’s very tolerant and wasn’t really quite awake yet) until I heard the bell ring.

A car, a nice car, pulled up out of nowhere. Transforming instantly into the professional gate guard that I am, I went to the window and asked his name? Ken. Company? Forest.


Are you relieving Mike (the Company Man)?

No. I oversee all the drilling on all of the Forest rigs.


I’ve heard a lot about you two.


I don’t know what he’s heard, but he probably heard me talking to the  buzzards …


While I’m poking  a bit of fun at myself, I’m not making fun of the seriousness of the drought here in Texas. If you’re interested in more thoughtful reading, here’s a link to yesterday’s Time magazine online post: Why Texas’ Drought May Have Global  Consequences


7 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. Regarding the Buzzards–

    A. They like a nice home with nice neighbors too!

    Or, of course,

    B. They do like to hang around carrion that is in the stage of becoming extinct. BUT I prefer to think it is A. But just in case, get your hot water heater fixed. (That is fixt in Texan)



  2. I think a sense of humor is essential in this line of work. I’m blessed to have mine supplemented by Debbie’s wit!

    That same Company Man went to breakfast and on the way back asked me what the giant weeds are called. I told him Milk Weed is the best guess we’ve had from locals. He responded, “Oh, OK. Well, at least you’re good for something!”

    I said, “That’s often been up for debate. I’m happy to have your vote of confidence!”

    He said, “Just pokin’ fun at you.”

    I wanted to joke back and say, “Don’t make a habit of it.” But I love my job so I said, “People often do that.”

    I don’t think we’re best buds yet, but I’m workin’ on that! He’s a substitute, I’m a Yankee. I think we’re doing quite well.

    • Heidi, you would be great in a movie with your come backs. Always makes me laugh with your straight shooter quips. Gotta LOVE ‘EM.

      Come on ….. One of you needs to write a book!!!!!! A fun one. 😀

  3. Cathy – I try to keep it (my brain) hydrated by washing my hair in the sink a lot, when the water isn’t too hot. I’m not sure it’s really working. I think there’s been some noticeable shrinkage. 😀
    ~ Debbie

  4. Debbie, you need to write a book. You have such a wonderfully creative mind. Witty and funny. At least the drought hasn’t dried up your mind.

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