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Gone Fishing!

Looks like we finally caught a break in the weather! After 2 months+ of triple digit heat, Monday’s high temperature is supposed to be 68 degrees!

Can you believe it? I can’t even remember 68 degrees. That’s 40 degrees cooler than it was just 3 days ago. Thinking about it gives me goosebumps!

And the low! Oh the low is predicted to be 47. I don’t even know where my sweatshirts are, but looks like I’m going to be needing them – where I’ll be Monday, in Iowa.

We received a phone call Friday with 2 surprising bits of information. The deal that we’d all but given up on to trade in our motorhome in on a 5th wheel (yes, and a truck) went through. That was the first bit. The second was that we had to sign the paperwork no later than Tuesday. This was Friday, in Smiley, where the nearest place that will overnight anything is 75 miles away.

Since Monday is Labor Day,  overnighting paperwork just didn’t work, so we’re overnighting ourselves. We called our company and Jamie graciously found us a sub and we’ll take off whenever he arrives this morning to begin the 20+ hour drive straight to Cedar Rapids.

We have a couple of weeks to visit our wonderful families in Iowa and Minnesota, see as many friends as possible, transfer all our earthly possessions, and take driving lessons.

From Iowa, it’s off to Livingston to become official Texas residents even though we’ll never  be real Texans. Then it’s up to Wharton, we think, to rejoin Lantern 17.

The majority of you (by a slim margin) voted for a 5th wheel in the poll. I’m trusting you knew that of which you spoke because that’s what we’re getting. When we bought the Mirada, our entire driver’s ed lesson included each of us driving 1 mile on a country road and watching as they hooked up the Saturn to the tow bar.

I think we’ll require a little more instruction this time and, based on your comments, a lot of  practice parking.

Unlike Heidi, who writes her Good Life posts a week in advance, I’m a last-minute blogger so my posts will be spotty at best. After almost 9 months, you can finally count on getting a bit of a breather!

By the way, I have a nice 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale with only 206,000 miles on it if you’re in the market! 😉

It’ll be sitting here in Smiley, on a ranch of a friend. I’m counting on the calves to keep it clean while we’re gone.

Set out from any point.  They are all alike.  They all lead to a point of departure.  ~Antonio Porchia

I don’t really get it either, but it sounds profound. 😀

22 thoughts on “Gone Fishing!

  1. Sharon – Whew! You made me feel better already! So you’re from CR! Wow! Thanks for sharing your experiences – and feel free to write to me anytime if you have questions @ branson.debbie@gmail.com
    I would say, in all honesty, this gate guarding gig isn’t for everyone, but works really well for us. H. and I are both easily contented and easily entertained so the relative quiet and semi-confinement isn’t difficult (altho’ there have been a few days this summer when the heat about tipped the scales for these 2 Iowans!)!
    Keep in touch and thanks so much for reading and commenting!
    ~ Debbie

    • Andrew – thank you and how nice of you to send the link. I’d never heard of it before but I’ll head there now. I’m open to any and all tips from you and all 5th wheelers! Thanks again!

      • One tip..watch the “How to hook-up your fifth wheel on the main page of the fifthwheelmagazine site. It has a great tip on how to line up the truck with the fifth wheel when hitching. It’s quite the job to get the fifth wheel pin lined up with the trucks fifth wheel hitch when backing up and looking through the back window. They have a simple solution in the video.

      • Excuse the 2nd post but I forgot an important item. I think you would be very prudent to have this item installed. Its called a bed saver and if for any reason the 5th wheel comes unhitched it stops the fifth wheel falling into the bed of the truck. I think they are around 200 dollars but well worth the money. There are many stories of the fifth wheel not hitching properly and then falling into the truck bed. Here is the info and there is a video so you can see how it works.
        (Look on the fifth wheel forums and you will see how many people have had a fifth wheel fall into the bed, Normally its because they did not do the Tug-Test as shown in the video on the first page of the magazine site)


      • Hi Debbie,
        I laughed as we read thru your experiences with your new 5th wheel. (Laughing at our own experiences.) We are from Cedar Rapids and left there a year ago to full time. We dropped 2 campers on 2 different trucks…..don’t learn real quickly. Shut off the battery switch by mistake so the air didn’t run when it was 100 out. Our list goes on and on. We are on our 3rd 5th wheel and kinda getting the hang of it….at least til next time.

        We are interesting in Gate Guarding so I keep reading these blogs. Would love to hear back from you.

  2. Travel safe ladies and enjoy your families and friends. As a newbie wanna be, let us know why the travel mode change? Just curious?

    • Penny – thank you, thank you! It’s so strange to be up in the day time and sleeping at night! We’ve only been here for a day but have already had a grand time with friends and family. Get the truck tomorrow. The RV next week. Saw it for the first time today. Sure looks bigger in person. It’ll be an interesting ride home! 😉
      ~ Debbie

  3. CONGRATS!! for both your time off from the heat and also your trip to see family and friends and your new home…you will be missed! As I said before my morning starts with coffee and following your blog!! Happy Trails!

    • Pat – you’re so kind. I did write a post this morning (Tuesday). I’ll write from time to time while we’re gone. Thank you for your well wishes and for being such a wonderful reader/contributor!
      ~ Debbie

  4. Hope you are on road by now. 9:00 in Michigan. Our replacement did not show until 1:00 p.m. It was okay for us as we didn’t have any time commitments. Don’t go too wild – first time back in civilization in 8 months!!! HAVE FUN – BE SAFE!!

    • Jill – Paul, our sub, and George were there right at 8! It was amazing! We did get a little crazy last night (Sunday) and went out to dinner with friends and ate at a restaurant, at the same time! Weird! 😀

  5. Miss K – LOL! I’ll double check.
    Asking $3500 obo for the Jeep (that’s the blue book price) – looks and runs great. 😀
    All of Henry’s toys will be with us – just leaving the bread machine and the rock polisher in the Jeep. Biggest issue is we don’t know if we’ll be back in Gonzales county. May have to leave the RV in Livingston and drive down with the truck to pick up the Jeep – probably – you know how quickly things can change in this business. We think we’ll meet up with the rig in El Campo – they should be heading up there mid-week.

  6. A few things to remember: Take your sewer hose out of the motorhome w/ it’s attachments.
    2. take all your after market antennaes down and leave in smiley in the jeep.
    3. remove your hitch that’s on the motorhome and leave in smiley. It’s yours.
    4. don’t forget the dog.
    Have fun and be careful

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