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It Was Quite a Ride!

Our wonderful Gate Guard boss, Jamie, true to his word, found us a replacement, on 2 days (instead of 2 weeks) notice and Paul was there right at 8 a.m. as was George, our FS.

We left Smiley Sunday morning and drove to our friends ranch (2 gates ago) to drop off the Jeep. We bumped along out of Nixon, Texas at 9 a.m. I drove until around12:30. Traffic was pretty heavy in Austin and Ft Worth, but the real issue was the wind which was fierce – according to Accu-Weather, 20 mph sustained and 40 mph gusts.

As most of you know, that’s no big deal in a regular vehicle, but when you’re driving something high-profile like a class A – you feel it! It reminded me of catching a huge fish where you fight for hours and hours to land it. I’ve never done that (although I did catch a 6 pound bass once), but it reminded me of that it way. It was a fight – especially in the cities when it was kind of important to stay in your lane. 😀

Late afternoon, when I’d been up for 24 hours, I’d thought: Hey, I still have a motorhome, I’ll just go back to the bedroom and take a nap.

In the 3 years that we’ve had the Mirada, I’ve never tried to sleep while it was rolling – apart from accidental dozing in the front seat (when I wasn’t driving).

  I bargained on bumpy and noisy. I didn’t even think about the heat. You can’t run the air conditioning units on the highway, of course. It was 96 outside when I stretched out for a nap at 3:30 and the temperature, as it does in Texas, was still climbing.

It must have been 106 in the bedroom (at least). I gave it about 15 minutes until the sweat was running in my eyes and even my feet were sweating. I got up and gave up.

However – we were set on driving straight through, so a little later, I tried the sofa and did sleep for a few hours.

We didn’t make any stops except for gas (at about $200 every 5 hours) and were making OK, if not impressive time… until…

Heidi, who is not a night person, decided to try to sleep around 9:00 p.m. I felt awake, in that sleep deprived, wired way and happily tooled down, the road following the prompts of Richard – the guy who gives direction on the Tom Tom. We used to have Susan, but we couldn’t hear her. Anyway, Richard kept telling me to turn left, which didn’t seem right, but I did.

Heidi got up to see why I was bumping down a country road at 11:30 p.m. Yep, left was not right. After a quick assessment of the situation, Heidi declared me unfit to drive and took the wheel. It just took 30 minutes to find a WalMart in Topeka where we crashed (physically, not literally) for few  hours, bought an atlas and hit the road again at 5 a.m.

Somewhere in Kansas we had the best fortune ever! If you live in Texas you’ll get this. If you’re a gate guard who hasn’t has a day off in 8 months, you’ll really get this. We found a truck/RV wash that was open on Labor Day! Our cream-colored Mirada became white once again.

Now, if they’d only wanted to clean the inside, too!

We arrived in to Cedar Raids around 1:30 yesterday afternoon, so even with the wind, a detour and a nap, we made the 1250 mile trip in 28 hours. Not bad for 2 old birds. George, our Field Supervisor even called us yesterday to see if we got here safely. Such a nice guy!

We got set up in a lovely county park; paid our $19 dollars; everyone –  including Henry –  had showers; and then we headed to our favorite pizza spot (8 months without pizza just isn’t right) and had dinner with friends.

I didn’t see my wonderful grand daughters yesterday because I was so zombish I was afraid I might scare them. That will be my treat for this evening. They were 1 and 3 the last time I saw them, and I was still highlighting my hair.They’re  3 and 5 now and I’m 54 and entirely grey. They probably won’t recognize me but I can’t wait to get reacquainted!

In an hour, we head to the RV dealership to sign the paper work and write the check. We should be able to get the truck tomorrow. The RV won’t be prepped and ready until next week. You’ve been asking what we bought so here’s a picture of a  truck. I’ll take more today and post those later.

Thanks for continuing to follow Fork and for all your kind words of encouragement. I need to take a moment now and see if I still remember how to curl my hair and try to decide if there’s even any point in attempting make up.

More thrilling updates like this one to come soon! No time to proof read and pluck my eyebrows so my apologies for all the extra typos!

16 thoughts on “It Was Quite a Ride!

  1. Thanks for the last few days it has been below 60 when we get up in the morning and the highs are between 92 to 98 it is now 8:10PM and 86 degrees going down to they say 67 for the night but we have been being 7-8 below what they predict. Guess you are having fun,,Hope u’s enjoy your time off

    • You’re welcome, Luke. Be prepared for a heat wave in two weeks when we get back! 😀
      As always seems to be the case, vacations are more work than work is,! We’re pretty exhausted but it’s wonderful to see our families and friends! We’ve driven over 3000 miles is 5 days with a bit more road time to go before we begin moving into the new digs.
      Take care and I’m so glad it’s finally cooled off for you!
      ~ Debbie

  2. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the Truck and RV I know they will be great. And yes you can fire up your Generator and run the overhead AC’s on the road. We do and actually get better gas mileage than using the Dash AC. And Guess what ?? We woke up to 51 degrees here this morninghad to put on long pants a shirt with sleeves. Hope you guys have a great Vacation

    • Oh Luke, I’m SO glad it finally cooled off down there! Wow! 51 – no kidding. Amazing! I guess we needed to leave to break the heat wave!
      We’ve never run the generator while driving. Certainly had no idea it would help the mileage… too late now, but maybe someone else will read this and learn from the shared wisdom of you and Bob!
      I’ll bet you’re roadrunners are really scooting in those temps!
      ~ Debbie

  3. Debbie:

    Glad you two arrived in Iowa safely! Yeah, just wanderin’ why the change from M.H. to 5’er? Inquiring newbies want to know. Safe travels ladies!

    • Tom – When we bought the class A we thought we’d be traveling a lot and the view with all that front window is wonderful. We didn’t expect to be in such a variety of weather: horizontal rains on the Oregon coast where we kept leaking on the slides, freezing up and then so terribly hot in TX. The Mirada wasn’t even close to being a 4 season unit.
      It was also small (32 ft). I wasn’t planning on full time RVing, although Heidi was. I didn’t know I’d love it so much.
      With the 5th wheel – we have so much more room than we could afford in a motorhome – 4 slides, full kitchen, double frig and freezer etc… To us, not to everyone, it just feels more like a home. Since we plan on gate guarding, Lord willing, for years to come, the inside became more important. The bedroom is up the hall with a door so one person can really get away from the noise while the other is working.Tinted reflective windows etc…
      Also, although we’re pretty independent, we’re not mechanical. Having one engine instead of of two is a relief to us.Unlike Andy and many others, we can’t “tinker” and get things going again.
      If something goes out in the 5th wheel (and it’s a 21012 so hopefully nothing will for quite a while) it’s different than engine troubles.Our class A wasn’t a diesel pusher which probably would have given us more security.
      We didn’t buy any extended warranties (couldn’t afford it at the time etc…). There are more reasons, but that’s the just of it.
      Even when we’re not gate guarding, we don’t move around a lot. We have a few special place we go and stay put so I think once we get comfortable pulling it, we’ll be really comfortable. 😉
      Your friend,
      The Motorhome folks have equally good reasons for preferring a class A. This just suits our needs better (we hope – we get the truck today -2006 Chevy 3500, dually, 1 ton with 44,000 miles) and the Brookstone next Monday. I’ll keep you posted (so to speak)! 😀
      ~ Debbie

  4. Cool! What’s all the free stuff in the back of the truck????

    Glad you made it home safe. Any delays or detours due to the fires?

    • Diane – weren’t we lucky they threw in all those extras? 😀
      Amazingly we missed the fires but the winds were so fierce I can certainly see how they spread to quickly. So sad isn’t it?
      ~ Debbie

  5. It doesn’t matter now, but why couldn’t you run your air conditioners while driving? Doesn’t your MH have a generator?

    • Bob – I was simply too unconsciously tired to figure it out. The temperature here now is 59, headed down to 44 tonight. Can’t believe I could drive from TX to IA in a day and a half and go from 106 to 44 (high today was only 71). It’s like living in an alternate universe!

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