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He who runs behind truck is exhausted, he who runs in front of truck is tired.

Please don’t take offense, all you truckies, but I don’t like trucks.

I liked my Camrys (that was back before the brakes decided to be accelerator pedals) and I loved my Jeep, but I never wanted a truck.

Maybe I have some bad, suppressed childhood truck memories.

I don’t know.

That’s one reason I didn’t even look at 5th wheels 3 years ago – I just didn’t want a truck.

So how ironic is it that I spend my days counting trucks? Big and little and humongous trucks. My entire world is filled with caliche and trucks.

After 9 months of gate guarding, maybe the caliche finally soaked into my brain and I really do have a brain cloud, just like Joe?



I’m at a loss to explain it apart from the Texas heat and living in a caliche cloud, but today is the day I buy a truck.  (I’ve already paid for it, today is the day I pick it up.)

It’s a Chevy. Heidi loves trucks and but doesn’t like Chevys. She always wanted a Ford. I’m an indiscriminate truck dis-liker. Heidi says that’s a form of prejudice. It’s prejudice when they all look alike. I argued that not liking Chevys is  more prejudicial, singling out a specific type. Regardless – we’re buying a Chevy and I guess we’ll both have to get over it!

To answer your questions, kind of. It’s a 2006 Chevy Silverado, 1 ton dually diesel with 44,000 miles and no rust. Oh, and it’s grey with suicide doors and a leather interior. That’s all I know about it. I sat in it yesterday. Yep. It’s a truck. Here’s a picture of it – but that’s not my RV in the background. It’s in the shop getting a washer and dryer and a second air-conditioner. Hooray!


The truck has other things, besides a hitch for the 5th wheel, of course, that I don’t understand yet. The original owner had it customized to pull a 40ft  DoubleTree Mobile Suites. It has funny gauges, and extra fuel tank and other things I don’t understand but will be getting lessons on from Heidi’s son this weekend (who used to own his own trucking company).

Here’s the extra irony. We drove 1250 miles from Texas to Iowa to trade RV’s at our hometown dealer– and guess what we’re getting? A Texas truck! No kidding! It even has a longhorn emblem in the back window! Maybe that’s a sign it was simply meant to be!

Folks still remember the day ole Bob Riley came bouncing down that dirt road in his pickup. Pretty soon, it was bouncing higher and higher. The tires popped, and the shocks broke, but that truck kept bouncing. Some say it bounced clean over the moon, but whoever says that is a liar. ~ Jack Handy


9 thoughts on “Trucks

  1. Debbie, thanks for your MH to 5’er explanation! We appreciated it. BTW, that Chev looks way better that the Dodge pu you teased us with!! No offense to Mopar fans…Enjoy your families &friends!

    Tom & Cathy Shannon
    Magna, UT

    • Tom – You have to admit, we wouldn’t ever have had any trouble finding the Dodge in a parking lot!:D
      It’s been a bit of a whirlwind trip. We’re in MN now visiting Heidi’s family. Supposed to get the new RV Monday.
      We’ll see if we still give the 5′er such glowing reviews once we’ve tried to park it. I think, at this point, I’m mostly anxious about corners. 😉
      Thanks for reading, Tom.
      ~ Debbie

  2. Congrats ladies very nice SIlverado. Own a 2002 HD 3/4 gas, 4.10,single wheel, it’s been ok so far. Looking forward to 5’er pics. Drive safe!

  3. I have driven a pickup for nearly 20 years, 2 modes of transportation in our family. Minivan and pickup truck are essential, cars are optional. Congratulations on the Chevy!

  4. Nice truck! Sounds like you got it all figure out. Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and relatives before coming back. Oh, by the way…the temperatures have fallen into the 60’s at night and high 90’s in the daytime. Heater in the morning and A/C in the afternoon! Glad you are still bloggin’ while on the road.

    • Cindy – Just as I suspected, Texas was just waiting for me to leave to cool down! So happy for you all down there. Now if it would just rain…
      Take care and thanks for always reading. You’re so kind.
      ~ Debbie
      Truthfully, I don’t have a thing figured out but I’m hoping to wing it until I learn it! 🙂

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