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Moving Day… sort of

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. ~ Walt Disney

Moving day! It wasn’t exactly Disneyland and it was only a partial moving day but the move has begun! All the under carriage bins are empty, and amazingly everything from 6 bins in the Class A, along with all that was stored under the bed, the sofa and the both sides of the dinette fit into 1 and 1/2 bins in the fifth wheel.


Heidi did an amazing job of organizing and planning! Our friend Cathy labored with us all day AND is keeping Henry all week!


Tomorrow we finish moving the innards and then it’s driver’s ed. Andrew – thanks for the link to the video. We watched how to hitch and how to not drop your 5th wheel in your truck bed and smash it! Actually, we watched it several times and are headed to WalMart for yellow tape in the morning.

Tonight it was Super 8, a hot bath and a small pizza. Tomorrow it’s a whole new world!


6 thoughts on “Moving Day… sort of

    • Oh Sue – how great to hear from you!!!!!! We SO miss Oregon and you! But we’re really grateful for the job and the opportunity to get the RV.
      If you get wildly bored, we have a blow up sofa now. Well, not a blow up sofa, an inflatable air mattress in the sofa or something like that. Haven’t looking under there yet, but I did see the controls!
      Heart Hugs!
      ~ Debbie

    • Diane – thanks! The move was harder than I expected but then, I’m older than I remembered. 😉 I think we’ll love the new RV – too tired to know just yet. Looking forward to hearing how you all are doing!
      ~ Debbie

    • Luke – we’ve been gone for a week now. Spent a little (not enough time) with my 2 sweet grand daughters in IA, bought a truck, drove to northern MN to visit Heidi’s Mom, then central MN to spend a day and a half with Heidi’s son and family (sweet little Em who is 3), back to IA to transfer belongings. Have driven almost 3000 so it hasn’t felt much like a vacation, but it’s been wonderful to see everyone!
      Big day today! We’ll have to leave the dealership! Sounds like it’s hot in Texas again.
      34 here tomorrow night!
      ~ Debbie

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