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Peculiar to Paris

I’m giving myself 30 minutes to write a quick post in response to email threats about my lackadaisical postings and when the timer goes off, I’m off to get some sleep before another exciting day of turnpike driving!

Once again, it’s been quite a day! After checking with our Company Man to make sure he hadn’t taken such a shining to our sub that we were out of a job, we left Cedar Rapids for Texas Monday (yesterday).

It was a gorgeous day.  It took a while to get going, which I’ll write about in another post, so we took it easy and only drove 230 miles from CR to Eagleville, MO. We found the one and only campground in a 100 mile stretch of I35, pulled through and there we sat, sort of.

Hooking up went fine, except there wasn’t any water coming out of the sinks. It wasn’t coming out of the faucets but I could hear it running.

After some great investigative research, I determined that the whirling noise seemed to be coming from the toilet. So I did the natural thing. Flushed it. Yep.

You know how there are two different places you can connect your white hose? Sure does make a difference which one you use!

Fortunately, we’ve only had the 5th wheel for a week and we had dumped at the county park yesterday morning. Also fortunate was the fact that the washer works swell since it was quickly filled with sewer soaked towels and clothes. The bathroom walls wiped down nicely, as did I.

Next came the hour-long futile attempt to get the little MP1 satellite working to watch Dancing with the Stars.

Exhausted, but clean, we gave up on the satellite and heated up a wonderful homemade dinner of meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and Iowa corn on the cob (off the cob) courtesy of our friend, Cathy. We ate dinner on warped red plastic plates (ours) in the laundry room (theirs) sitting on damp towels (ours) after removing the cat (theirs) – the RV park owners have a cat who lived on top of the TV in the laundry room during the day- they took her home for the night.

I’m allergic to cats and somehow thought the damp towel would serve as a shield of protection …

We sat on the broken sofa across from a  slightly tipsy trucker who sat on the broken down love seat with a beer in each hand, and we all watched DWTS.

I felt like I was back at the rig already. After all that excitement, I came back to the RV and Google mapped the route for today. I decided to aim for Tulsa but ended up in Paris after a bit of an extended stay in Peculiar.

Just as an aside, I have to say, I would love to live in a town called Peculiar. I thought Why, Arizona was a great name, but Peculiar, Missouri takes the cake.

It also takes a long time to get gas in Peculiar.

Of course, that was mostly because I was in the Semi lane (the truck will accept either size diesel nozzle) but when it was finally my turn, I didn’t have a DOT number to enter to start the pump.

A bit embarrassed, I pulled around and waited at the designated RV pump. I went in to pay, only to find out I didn’t really need a DOT number and should have just pushed enter a bunch of times.

Getting gas in Peculiar

Hey, the whole thing was peculiar to me.

The timer has gone off and I’m off to bed. We drove 555 miles today and had some true adventures. Another 300 should land us in Livingston tomorrow but one never knows.

Having very little pride, I’ll share more details of the past week with you once I get back on nights. If you’re curious, just think of all the things that you’ve ever been afraid you might do if you’re an RVer, and yep – did that this week:

1. towel rack stuck in slide,  jamming it completely so it wouldn’t open or close

2. dropped the 5th wheel in the truck bed (UNHOOKING!)

3. couldn’t find a station that sold diesel and ran out of gas

4. hit an orange construction cone

5. back flushed the septic system in my face

6. can’t light the oven

7. had my credit card denied

8. didn’t get a ticket or have an accident, but still have 450 miles to go…

8. too tired to proof read, done for and done in

9. more to come

10. thanks for all your kind comments – I’ll try to start answering tomorrow or the next day

Bob – thought I’d better post and save you a trip down south. Mr A – I should have listened to you!

20 thoughts on “Peculiar to Paris

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  2. Debbie

    What kind of 5th Wheel is it. I cant read the name on the front. Remember you are not getting anything that a bunch of us have already done. You wont forget! Adventures aint always fun when they are happening!!! Hang in there.

    • Hey there, Charlie!
      It’s a 2012 Brookstone Diamond Edition (I think the diamond looks kind of peculiar) – 38ft – by Coachman. They’ve only been making them for 3 years so there aren’t many out there yet.
      Thanks for the kind words… and you’re so right, I’m certainly learning from my mistakes. So far, I haven’t repeated any – just keep making a few new ones! 😉
      I’m really looking forward to getting back to the gate and settling in a little!
      Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragement!
      ~ Debbie

  3. We empathize with you completely. Getting a new rig, whether new or used, is always an adjustment and can be full of surprises… some good and some not so good.

    Hope your trip goes well today.

    Vicky Heron

    • Vicky – how kind and generous of you. The adventures continue – the sink drains now. 😀
      Tomorrow we’ll try hitching up for only the second time…
      Thanks for your well wishes. I can’t wait to hear about your new spot!
      ~ Debbie

  4. Always a pleasure to read your blog! We used to travel from Kansas to Hermitage MO pretty often and Peculiar was always our halfway, stop and get fuel and eat point. YES, It always took a LONG time to get fuel, but I always thought too that it would be an “odd” place to live, but wouldn’t mind giving it a try just to say I live in a Peculiar place!
    Can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip…stay safe.

    • Doris – oh how funny! So you know what I mean!! 😀
      When I pulled in to get gas, I said to Heidi:
      Well, this is Peculiar!
      and she said:
      You’ll get used to it! (she didn’t know where we were) 🙂
      Thanks so much for reading and adding your comments – that makes it much more fun for me! Two days to go and then we dock!
      ~ Debbie

  5. Only thing wrong for me is I missed seeing all of these events firsthand. Too funny. It might not be such a good idea for you guys to be at a gate for more than 2 weeks at a time. You may forget all that you have learned!! LOL. Stay within the lines. It was great to see you both and Henry too.
    Love, Chris

    • Chris – such a good point. It’s kind of like piano lessons. I didn’t like them but I do need the practice! It was wonderful to see you, too!
      Love you, friend,

  6. I want to read the book when it’s published. All the more to make you stonger and wiser. DWTS was a nice way to end your day, wasn’t it? Be safe!

    • Oh Sue – I’m not seeing a book in my future but we certainly don’t have many dull days! Yes, DWTS was nice. I can’t dance a stick, but love watching those who can – and those who try! 😉 Hope you’re feeling better. So sorry we didn’t get to see you while we were in CR!
      ~ Debbie

  7. Yep sounds like y’all are within your element. Life was just too boring so you had to make your own fun huh! 100 points for the cone Heidi. Remember the tall one I hit with a mirror? That was 500 points. Lol
    Did you use up the spare tank of gas as well or did you forget you had one?

    I did watch DWTS last night….Carson is a hoot.

    Happy FITR day… Love ya.

    • Cathy – OK, I give… FITR?
      Heidi has always wanted to hit one of those cones – ever since she played Keen on the computer when the kids were little. She wasn’t real happy that she hit it with the new RV.
      I think it’s good. It has more character now, plus we don’t have to worry about the first scratch (I think it’ll rub out with rubbing compound anyway).
      Did remember the extra gas and did use it to go the 2 miles to the station! 😀
      ~ Debbie

  8. Oh my – what else can I say??? Mr. A said I shouldn’t worry about the two of you. Wait till he reads this!! LOL I hope you took pictures of you eating on a warped plate – setting on a damp towel next to a impaired man and a cat. I know through all that you were still humming to the music and your head was bobbing up and down!!

    Drive safe my friend.

    • Jill – hello friend! No worries – but I do have some blog topics for future use! 😉
      You know, I was so tired, it didn’t occur to me to take pictures. I was also pretty surprised that our inebriated new friend wanted to watch DWTS!
      He never talked except to say: “She looks like she need a couple of Big Macs!” every time a slender person danced! LOL! ;D
      About 400 more miles (since we have to go down to Smiley and get the Jeep) then we’ll quit being a hazard on the highways!
      ~ Debbie

  9. You 3 be safe. Watch the height restrictions. Like. You won’t fit in the banks ATM drive-through lane anymore. Or burger kings. Oh well. Better for your diet anyway. I hope little Henry gets to ride in the truck w you?! Cheers

    • Hey there Miss K! The worst part, so far, was the downtown detour in Quitman where I just drove straight down the middle of the road because the tree branches were so low.
      Henry loves the truck! He has his bed on one side (in the back) and soft towels on the other. He rotates when he gets bored.
      He’s assumed his proper role as King of the Road! 😉
      ~ Debbie


    • Tom – Sort of would be the operative word. Many tales to tell you next week. 😉
      All in all, it’s been quite a trip!
      Thanks to you and to your wife for continuing to read Fork. I’m honored!
      ~ Debbie

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