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Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Everything but the kitchen sink  – and the Direct TV – seemed operational when we left Paris for a  2 night stop in Livingston to join Escapees.

I think I left out the sink from my list of mishaps – must have been a bit of Freudian slippage.

I was doing the breakfast dishes which consisted of a Pyrex dish, 2 cups and 2 forks (couldn’t find the little plates so used paper) the second day in the new RV.

Unable to find the spray Pam, we had used not enough butter on the dish and the poppin’ out of the tube caramel rolls held their ground with great resolve.

I ran hot soapy water in the sink, soaked and scrubbed.

I didn’t have the drain completely shut. Heidi came back from visiting some friends to see bits and pieces of roll taking a slow slide down the grey abyss.

Stop! Stop! she shouted and flung her hand, a dishcloth and a stopper in the drain, all at the same time. Apparently too late.

A week later, we left Paris thinking all was well, but landed in Livingston yesterday with a backed up kitchen sink. It was just a little bit of roll and caramel, really…

We tried hot water.

It just got fuller.

We went to WalMart and bought a plunger. The other one, not the one I got struck in the middle of the  floor in the plumbing aisle and never could budge – it may still be there. Again, no luck.

We even took a chance with a little drain unplug gel. Nada.

As an aside, I do now have my own special sink appliance for the times I do wild dish scraping or wash my hair. I had one before but I lost it in the move.

Defeated and really tired, we called the Escapees office and got the number of the only RV service person who would come to the park. In the mean time, Heidi removed the trap and drained the sink – nothing but a lot of water.

Since we couldn’t do dishes yesterday, we went out for steak last night (first time in over a year). At least there was an up side to my sink blockage. 😀

Jerry, the RV repairman, arrived today at noon in his service truck with no tools. I mean, literally, nothing but a hammer and a Flathead.  He was going to run hot water and take the trap off. Hmm… Nope.

We’d already called the dealership back in Iowa several times, trying to troubleshoot. Was there a second grey tank valve outside, we asked? NO.

We asked twice. NO.

Any other ideas? Have the guy bring a snake and an air hose. He came back with the snake. After 20 feet he found 2 little pieces of plastic and no caramel roll residue.

20 minutes later he went outside and opened the 2nd non-existing grey water valve (hidden behind the back tire) and we once again have water freely flowing for the low, low price of $95!

Next time I want to pay $100 to have someone open a non-existing water valve for me, I’ll try to make it someone I know – like a relative or at least someone with  cool tools. I asked him if he could fix the awning clamp? Nope – no screws…

All the same, the coffee cups are washed and we’re headed to the Italian restaurant we passed on the way to the odd little steak house last night.

They’ll be plenty of time to do dishes and only two more evenings when eating out, eating together and eating anything that isn’t Mexican is an option.

Tomorrow it’s off to drop the RV (hopefully, deliberately) in Victoria and then down to Smiley to retrieve the Jeep and back to Victoria.

Saturday night it’s Victoria and then back on the gate in Wharton by Sunday noon! Boy, do I have some stories to tell you next week!

10 thoughts on “Everything But the Kitchen Sink

  1. Hey! Don’t feel bad I am a mechanical guy and I carry a $ 95 fuse that I got to pay to Freightliner. Just charged it off to “EXPERIENCE”.!

    Hang in there!

    • Mike – thanks for the encouragement! We did hitch up and unhitch seamlessly by ourselves today. We’re back at the gate now. Unfortunately, I hit a palm tree this morning… calling Good Sam tomorrow. Think we’ve about done it all now!
      ~ Debbie

    • Jill – And after today, the driving, too. Actually, it was Heidi that hooked the water up to the wrong valve – I was just the one inside who decided to flush! 🙂
      ~ Debbie

  2. Once again you have me laughing out loud. I’m sure none of it was fun at the time. So glad I’m not the only one to try things out before buying. I would have gone with the plunger that got stuck….too bad you couldn’t get it to budge. I can’t believe the things you get yourselves into, and I can’t wait to hear more about your escapades.

    • Sue – So true, that was one mighty plunger! If I could have gotten it unstuck, I could have used it to pull water straight out of the ground! Tomorrow morning we’ll be attempting to hitch up for the 2nd time ever… surely going to try to not drop the house this time! 😀
      Take care and get well!
      ~ Debbie

    • Miss K – just when I think I’ve about done it all, I do seem to find a new way to go astray! 😉 In spite of the mishaps, all is good and well.
      You two take care, now!

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