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I’m an Excellent Driver

Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature.  ~ C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis is my favorite author but one I usually quote on my other blog, not here at Fork. However, I’m making an exception tonight as I remind myself of the nature of miracles and the laws of nature.

It would have been a miracle if I’d really towed the nearly 40 foot 5th wheel with my Jeep as this picture appears to suggest.

By the way, this setting is a classic example of why I never wanted to be a full-time RVer. I couldn’t have put out the awning without hitting the neighbors, who were very nice and who had a little dog that never ever stopped barking. Then there were the folks on the other side who watched their outside TV all night while giving verbose instructions to sports figures.

By the time we’d made the trip to Victoria to this lovely RV park, unhitched the RV, traveled to Smiley to retrieve the Jeep, and returned to Victoria, we had one day of our 3 week odyssey left.  Victoria is 67 miles from Wharton, where Lantern 17 is currently drilling.

We had traveled 5,211 miles. We visited our children and grand children in Iowa and Minnesota, caught up with as many friends as possible, traded in a motorhome for a 5th wheel, moved everything we own and learned to a drive truck/5th wheel combo.

Although we had a few mishaps, as you know from Peculiar to Paris, nothing major. Heidi insists that I share that I wasn’t the one who did any of those things (well, I did flush the toilet, but Heidi hooked up the hose). However, I more than made up for my stellar trip performance in one fell swoop!

The park was nice, but really tight. Of course, when you’ve just spent 10 months sitting alone in ranchers’ pastures, anything else might feel tight.

Raymond: I’m an excellent driver.
Charlie: When did you drive?
Raymond: I drove slow on the driveway when my dad came to Walbrook.                            ~ Rain Man

Possibly I should have taken my cue from Raymond and stuck to the driveway.

It would have been a miracle, quite literally, if, dragging the side of my brand new 5th wheel up against this diminutive palm tree, had caused no damage.

It wasn’t my day for miracles. This rugged little palm has survived the second worst drought in the history of Texas. It certainly wasn’t about to be uprooted by a crazy lady who was too tired and took the corner too tightly.

The RV on the other hand, was brand new and had no experience in weathering adversity. It quickly gave in to the scratching and clawing of the sturdy tree, yielding its tire bumper and paint with little resistance.

Good Sam, good on their word, will be sending out a claims adjuster. Fortunately, the slide still slid (which we had great doubt about). The inside looks new still. The frig continues to keep things cold and the oven worked just fine today when Heidi made brownies for the guys. It’s mostly cosmetic but you know how expensive cosmetic surgery is!  After the $500 deductible, the very compassionate Good Sam lady assured me insurance would pay the rest.

I was initially miserable, the RV being new and all. I knew I should just have been instantly grateful that no one was hurt (would have been hard to get hurt since I was going about 5mph). But I was too tired to keep perspective.

I worked last night, which meant about 28 hours without sleeping. I have a better perspective tonight. Hey, it’s on the back side!

I think we’ll stay put and make a little money before we take time off for repairs. Unless it should, by some miracle, rain in Texas. Then we’d have to see if there’s a leak by that huge indentation in the kitchen …

Gravity is a contributing factor in nearly 73 percent of all accidents involving falling objects.   ~Dave Barry

15 thoughts on “I’m an Excellent Driver

  1. We decided to buy a boat when we moved to Gold Beach. Kay liked fishing and it seemed like a great idea with the river right in front of the house and all that salmon. We picked up the boat on a sunny August day. Neither of us knew how to back up with a trailer to go down the ramp to put the boat in its slip. It took 45 minutes but it gave the locals and some tourists something to laugh about for the day. That done, we should have noticed the white caps in the boat basin. The wind was doing its usual howling. We kept to the 5mph speed in the boat basin which then made the wind laugh at us. We ended up in the rocks using our boat hook to push us out. We traded drivers and I channeled my dad to give me pointers on getting the boat into the slip without running into the rocks again or a parked boat. We got in, tied up and looked at the damage. It no longer looked like a pretty new boat but a good used one that landed on the bank a few too many times. We no longer have the boat but we do have a trailer, and so far, all is well, except for that problem we had with our plug from the trailer to the truck jumproping home from camping. A new cord is coming tomorrow and someone will put it on this week. Many lessons learned and some minor miracles happened.

    • Karla – I read your comment out loud to Heidi and she went to bed laughing! (hope that’s not inappropriate – laughing at your mishaps). Thank you for sharing your adventures and helping me feel 6 1/2 % less inept! Many lessons learned, indeed!
      ~ Debbie

    • Cuz – We ALWAYS do that, except, of course, on Sunday morning… I guess because we had the Jeep and the truck so we were both driving. Anyway – got it! Drive/Spot. Spot/Drive!
      P.S. – Bet Bob is glad I didn’t sign on as a driver for American Star!!!!!!!
      Love you, too!
      ~ D

  2. Hey my friends nothing is new forever, now you can relax about who is going the first ding in the new rig. Glad you are safe and sound, love you bunches, be safe and the biggest of heart hugs your way.


    • Sue – I’ve decided to let Heidi make the first truck ding – just to be fair! 😀 We are weary but well and very blessed. Love and miss you, always! That was one awesome agate!
      ~ Debbie

  3. I liked what Andy said, ‘dreaded and inevitable’. So true. I was the one who put all the dings in the Mirada, so I do understand your angst, but it doesn’t matter. We’re safe and given all the miles we covered in such a short time, it must be God’s grace that we are doing as well as we are! Just stuff! I’m so happy to be back at work.

  4. When we bought our brand new F350 we picked it up at 3:00 in afternoon. At 7:00 p.m. a man came around the corner too fast and ended up in our lane of traffic. Wiped out the passenger’s side of truck. We were supposed to pick up our new RV the next day. Mr. A had been waiting for that moment for years. There are no words to describe how he was feeling.

    However the truck got fixed – he got his RV – been on the road for 7 years. Have many wonderful memories. Andy’s right. Think about the great moments you had on your trip. They far out weight your tango with the tree!! Insurance was created because there are no perfect humans.

    Get rested up so you can tell us about running out of gas with dual tanks. LOL

    Take care my friend!!

    • Jill – You’re so sweet! And poor Mr A! At least he didn’t cause the accident (pity the fellow who did)!
      Perspective has been regained (temporarily lost when the insurance adjustor needed me to take more pictures). It’s lovely having the damage on the back side where I never see it! Thanks for sharing your story. I’ll tell you all about the gas issue tonight or tomorrow. Who knew they only put diesel stations every 800 miles? 😉
      ~ Debbie

  5. The dreaded and inevitable first dent and scratch! You got it out of the way early on in the game and now it is over and done with.

    Just look back over the past 3 weeks and look what you 2 ladies have accomplished. You have done good ya know.

    • Andy – Yes, indeed, it certainly has it’s first dent and scratch! At least this is one time I’ll get my money’s worth out of my insurance premium!
      It was quite a trip. I can’t remember being more tired except when I had 2 under the age of 2! Had to get back to work to get some rest! ;D
      Thanks for your kind words!
      ~ Debbie

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