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Week End Jumble

It’s Sunday night as I write this. Weekends are generally, but not always, slower for us on our site. For one thing there are rarely any sales folks, which cuts out quite a bit a day time traffic.I thought I’d write a really short post and try to answer some dangling questions.

1. So your  Company Men really live in Penthouses? (a real qt – no kidding) Well, not on the site. Everyone lives in some kind of a trailer.

Our 2 CM (a night and a day man) share the second tan trailer. They have an office in the front and their living quarters take up the rest. The Oil Field House Keeping folks come on Wednesdays.

The situation for the guys varies. The floor crew share a trailer, in this case with 12 beds – 6 at each end. They work 12 (at least) hour shifts and share their 1/2 with the other guys on their shift.A lot like dorm life expect everyone is older and it’s really crowded.

As with most gates, we have guys coming and going all day and all night, so I have no idea how any one gets any sleep. Again, a lot like dorm life.

I took these pictures this morning while walking Henry. He was unusually antsy (possibly literally) so I’m blaming the poor quality of the photos on my attempt to take one handed shots while he hopped around.

We’re with a really big rig that typically does vertical, then horizontal drilling.

At this site, we’re just drilling vertically – 15,000 feet. That’s one deep hole.

I admire people under real pressure who dig deep.
– Heather Small

And as it is with all of life, the deeper you go, the more issues you run into.

2. The gun. Folks have been writing and asking why I have a gun?

In England, if you commit a crime, the police don’t have a gun  and you don’t have a gun. If you commit a crime, the police will say “Stop, or I’ll say stop again.” ~ Robin Williams

I don’t know about England, but this is Texas folks and everyone has a gun, or 5 or 6. It a part of being a pretend Texan. And, as mentioned before, it’s just a BB gun, but a very serious looking BB gun.

You know that old  saying “If looks could kill” ? Well, it applies here, since only it’s looks could kill. I’m content to flash it around when the appropriate situation presents itself.


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