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A Midsummer’s Night Sleep Deprived Sugar High

Now, until the break of day  Through this house each fairy stray. ~ Oberon                      A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Funny how I had almost no trouble adjusting my sleep patterns to working nights, 10 months ago.

Now, however, after a 3 week break, I’m lucky to sleep 6 hours during the day. That, I’m sure, is contributing to my jumpiness.

Have you ever noticed how simple innocuous sounds, when heard in the day time, take on a more ominous ring at night?

I’ve been working nights now since January. I’ve gotten used to the sounds of the rig: the guys shouting, the casings clanging, the horns blowing, the bells ringing and the semis rumbling.

I’m used to the sound of Brahmas lashing the living room with their tails and manic raccoons lunging at the screens. I’m used to the nightly cacophony of  the feral pigs and hungry coyotes.

I’m even used to the giant kamikaze bugs that fling themselves into the blinding halogen glow, bouncing like hail off the sides of RV.

However, I’m not used to the sounds of a wrestling match taking place in the cabinets under the island at 1 a.m. or the sudden whir in the ceiling at 2.

Every new house comes with new noises. This one came with new noises and what I suspect might be a few fairies mistaking early October for Midsummer.

As you know, October 1st was my birthday. Heidi very kindly made apple dumplings – my favorite.

She used my Mom’s recipe, which should serve 8 or 10,  but really turns out to be 6 giant dumplings.

They’re so big, they had to be cooked in two separate pans.

My birthday was 4 days ago. Heidi’s eaten one half of one. I’ve eaten 4 1/2. 😀

SO, it could be a combination of sleep deprivation and a sugar high that caused me to leap out of my seat when the pots and pans began rattling under the center island in the quiet middle of the night.

I looked. Nothing. I closed the cabinets. 5 minutes later the pans rang out again. The day before there was a half of a Dorito on the floor by the dresser.

Last night there was a half of a Dorito under the sink. We don’t eat Doritos.

We do have little bags of chips we give the guys when they head home. Checking the grab bag, yep, one little bag had one big hole. This no doubt accounts for the symphony under the sink. The solution for that (I hope) is in the JIC closet. That doesn’t explain why the ceiling began whirring.

Around 2:00 a.m., shortly after the pan noise abated, I heard a new, strange noise. I looked up and the ceiling seemed to be readying for take off – all on its own. The dome opened and the blades picked up speed.

I spent the next 10 minutes turning on and off and on and off again, every switch I could find. Nothing interfered with the lid lift.

I came to the obvious, sleep deprived, sugar induced conclusion that it was a mouse escape route and that they’d somehow bounced on a secret button.

The fan is considerably too high to reach, even on a chair. At this point the pots started banging again and I  knew I had to go to the JIC closet and take action (no, not the gun, I’m not that tired).

I opened the doors to get a flashlight to go out to the truck to get the 3-step stool, when I saw a control that I’d never noticed.

It’s big and white so I’m afraid that mostly speaks to my continual state of fatigue over the past several weeks and my highly keen observation skills.

Sure enough, it says Fan and Dome and Exhaust and Intake. I couldn’t get it out of its holder…

But I was able to push the off button on the fan and the close button on the dome.

The question of how those buttons suddenly got turned on at 2 a.m. remains a mystery. Tomorrow the mouse traps come out. Henry has  been on high alert all night. His ears are probably cramping and I’m a very tired woman, pumped and plumped with dumplings. We need our rest.

If we shadows have offended,  Think but this, and all is mended,  That you have but slumber’d here  While these visions did appear. And this weak and idle theme,  No more yielding but a dream,  Gentles, do not reprehend: If you pardon we will mend.  ~ Puck,    A Midsummer’s Night Dream


8 thoughts on “A Midsummer’s Night Sleep Deprived Sugar High

  1. Debbie,

    Our Fantastic Fan has a thrermostat, that when set, will turn on the fan. If someone bumps it on the stairway, it can change the setting.

    • Charlie – Clearly I have some manuals to read. 😀
      You’re right as rain! Since I was sitting at the table when the whirring began, I’m guessing the thermostat kicked in – it was pretty warm in here. Thanks for solving the mystery. The Fantastic Fan is so fantastic it works all on it’s own. Funny! Thanks for helping!
      ~ Debbie

  2. Those dumplings look yummy!

    We haven’t had any mouse problems, but lots of folks use peppermint oil to keep them away….Mice hate peppermint. You could try peppermint oil on cotton balls placed under the house and around any opening. Maybe even some Altoids ~ LOL! Amazon sells this stuff called Mouse Magic that is peppermint & spearmint oils in pouch that is supposed to be good.

    Good Luck!

    • Diane – This was our first mouse encounter – but it’s fall and I understand that’s when they begin to head inside. Did catch two. I’ve read about using peppermint. Do ants like peppermint oil as we now have an inside ant farm, too? Peppermint should would smell better than the mothballs we accidentally left in the Jeep. Not sure I’ll ever get that ‘new used car smell’ back. May add peppermint to the dryer sheets under the seats!
      ~ Debbie

      • Diane – We’re having some success with ant traps, but cinnamon sticks are now on the shopping list!
        Of course the draw back could be that unlike ants, I love the smell of cinnamon and it may make me forage for food. 😉 The dumplings are gone so now I’m back on the diet!
        Thanks for the great suggestion!
        Oh, and I finally got you on my blog roll. I have no idea what my problem was. Just kept linking incorrectly.
        ~ Debbie

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